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Fox News War On Atheists Continues

Reported by Priscilla - October 27, 2011 -

The Christian right hate atheists. Given that Fox News is the mouthpiece for the Christian right, it's not surprising that Fox aids and abets this hatred. Perhaps in addition to his fear of gays and Muslims, Roger Ailes also hates atheists. As part of the Fox News persecuted Christian narrative, there is an ongoing attempt to vilify atheists as those who are responsible for these "outrageous" attacks on Christians, Christian crosses, and ski slope Jesus. Whenever any organization seeks to advocate for the separation of church and state, Fox takes the side of those who have no problem with blurring the lines. While Fox, particularly Fox & Friends, provides warm affirmation for signs and billboards proclaiming that Jesus saves and Jesus loves Christmas, they have utter contempt for atheists who put up signs and billboards that support an atheist perspective. In a recent spate of biased coverage about Vanderbilt University's non-discrimination policy, Fox framed it falsely as a way for atheists to take over Christian college clubs and for Fox's faith based audience, that's a scary thought. One of today's ledes on the Fox News website is a story about how the nasty Freedom from Religion Foundation has complained that an Alabama public high school's football team is violating the 1st Amendment because they pray in Jesus name. In the article, Fox's culture clubber Todd Starnes (Fox News radio) hit all the right Fox notes.

The article follows the same anti-atheist outline that Fox & Friends does as it contained the requisite framing of the situation. The standard Fox & Friends script (also used by other Fox talking heads) includes a preponderance of opinion from the persecuted Christian and minimal opposing opinion. While nobody from the FRRF was quoted, ample space was given to a Baptist pastor. Gretchen Carlson is very fond of saying that it's always just one person who tries to ruin it for the others. Starnes references how the "complaint was lodged by a single resident." Fox routinely works in the meme about how the alleged violation is really part of a long standing community tradition. This is implied in the Fox article. Another standard talking point in these types of presentations is that Christianity is being treated unfairly while other religions get a free pass. The pastor said that "I would think that any other prayer from another religion would not receive this kind of negativity." (ROFLMAO - if a public school team prayed in Allah's name, I suspect that this would be one pissed pastor!) And ya can't have an atheist bashing topic without working in the victimized Christian meme. The article ends with a quote from the Baptist preacher about how Christianity is "under attack" and it's on his doorstep. The article did name the complainant who is probably, as we speak, getting death threats from good Christians.

Wonder if we'll be seeing this on Fox & Friends in the near future?

BTW, looks like the photographer and whoever posted the article photo has as much admiration for well toned gluteus muscles as I do! Nice to see that Fox's T&A treatment is "fair and balanced."


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