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Fox News “Asks” If President Obama Stole A Joke From Dennis Miller – That He Might Have Stolen

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2011 -

In what may be a new low for Fox News last night (10/26/11), the “fair and balanced” network “asked” if President Obama had stolen a joke from O’Reilly Factor resident comedian Dennis Miller. Miller told the joke in question on the October 19th Factor, comparing the Republican presidential candidate debates to the television show “Survivor.” In what Bill O’Reilly called a “very interesting situation,” Obama made the same joking comparison on Jay Leno Tuesday night, October 25th. News flash for Fox: That comparison has been made by others, before Miller told it – including a sketch on Saturday Night Live. So maybe Miller, an SNL alum, stole it from them, eh? Or maybe SNL got it from candidate Rick Santorum, who commented in September, after a previous debate, "I mean right now, I feel like I'm on an episode of 'Survivor,'" Had anyone at Fox bothered to do a simple Google search, they would have discovered this easy-to-find information.

“Did the White House send you a check for that line, Miller?” O’Reilly joshed.

Miller was uncharacteristically gracious. “I don’t think of that as stealing,” he said. “That’s an easy joke. Biden could have figured that one out.”

O’Reilly stuck to his guns. “I could be absolutely wrong but I’m gonna submit that they saw the segment - they being the White House communications people - and subliminally it stuck.” O’Reilly continued by explaining how the pre-show process works with Leno. “…and he says, ‘Look, this is what we want to do,’ and Obama’s got his guys there and they kinda formulate what they’re gonna say. I’m telling ya, I don’t think it’s an accident that the Survivor thing, after you said it, was used. But I could be wrong.”

Yes, Bill, you could be.

Miller shrugged it off again, perhaps because he knew the joke was not original to him – and went on to suggest the joke had been planted by Leno. “Listen, Jay likes Obama. He’s fond of him, I think. He likes having presidents on the show and they, quite frankly, I’m sure they feed him a few lines. I would, too. God, you get the president on. You want him to look good.”

Below is the SNL skit from October 15th. The “Survivor” joke comes at the end but the whole thing is pretty darned funny.

FoxNews.com called its video of the O'Reilly segment, Did Obama Steal a Joke From Miller?

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