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Bill O’Reilly And Dick Morris Justify The Rich Getting Richer

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2011 -

Last night, Bill O’Reilly made an impassioned argument justifying the rich getting richer. His guest Dick Morris aided and abetted with the cockamamie argument that the poor are really getting richer, too.

During the Talking Points segment that opens most O’Reilly Factor shows, O'Reilly contended with a CBS poll that found 43% of Americans agree with the views of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, while only 27% disagree. That’s despite the best efforts of Fox and O’Reilly to demonize those “radicals.” So O’Reilly shrugged that off to an overly sympathetic media.

He had a little more trouble with the next finding, though, that 66% believe money and wealth are not distributed fairly in America while 26% think it is.

After complaining about the use of the word “distribute,” O’Reilly complained, “Many Americans simply do not understand what’s at stake here.”

“Capitalism isn’t perfect or fair,” O’Reilly said. That’s not only insensitive for a guy as rich as O’Reilly to say to those who are really struggling, it’s a tad hypocritical coming from the guy and the station that never ceases to whine about the unfairness of the media – as O’Reilly had done just a few moments before.

“But the alternative is Cuba or Greece,” O’Reilly warned, thereby ignoring the America of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when we had a vibrant middle class. I’ll bet if you gave people a choice in a poll, that’s what people would want rather than Cuba or Greece.

“The primary goal, the primary goal of the occupiers is to demonize capitalism,” O’Reilly said. Which is also pretty ironic considering that the primary goal of much of Fox News these days is to demonize the protesters.

O’Reilly’s first guest was Dick Morris. After the two offered unsolicited advice to President Obama to distance himself from the OWS protesters, and a little more demonizing of them, Morris finally acknowledged that “there is a feeling about income maldistribution” and he noted the widening income divide in America.

O’Reilly leapt to the defense of that. “The world has changed… it’s a global economy now.” Citing the “off the charts” salaries of sports superstars (and thereby avoiding mentioning oh, say, cable news host salaries), O’Reilly said, “Somebody who can bring in fans and who can win ratings games is much more valuable in 2011 than they were in 1980… because of television, worldwide cable, internet – all of these things make very few people very valuable and this is not getting across. The economics of capitalism have changed with technology that makes success so pervasive.”

And the problem with that? More and more people are left behind. Just like in pre-revolutionary France, when you see your fellow Americans living in luxury way, way beyond what most people can dream about while others can’t even get decent health care or pay their mortgages – well, they tend to get a tad resentful. I suppose that might be an aspect of society you Fox Newsies don’t see but trust me, there are lots of people out there working hard and barely getting by.

Morris again acknowledged that the top earners have gotten richer. But then he added, “It’s a new bottom fifth." He cited a study in 1990 and found that only 16% of those in the bottom fifth were still in the bottom fifth 10 years later. "The poor are getting poorer but they’re new poor,” he crowed.

I’d love to see Morris come to my neck of the woods and say that in an open town hall meeting.

Fox News: The network where we should all suck it up about income inequality and whine incessantly about inequality of media coverage.

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