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Sean Hannity Warns About Evil NYC Sex Education

Reported by Priscilla - October 26, 2011 -

For the conservative, religious right, ain't no outrage like public school sex education and the Murdoch owned Sean Hannity, in sourcing from the Murdoch owned NY Post, wants you, too, to be outraged about the new sex ed curriculum in the NY City schools. One does suspect that Hannity's kids go to a nice private or Catholic school where kids don't need sex ed because they're saving it for Jesus; but in the interests of public service, Mr. Hannity provided a lurid look at the newest threat to America as we know it. But Hannity's past aversion to a reality based sex ed curriculum and his concern about what he describes as the - er - salacious aspects of this program makes you realize the importance of reality based sex education scorned by the religious right and Sean Hannity.

On last night's show, he reported about the "controversial" lessons, starting in 6th grade, which "vividly explain different sex acts." He did note that the school department has said that abstinence is still being taught (and we know how effective that is!) and that parents can opt out of the program. His guests were TV personality Katrina Szish and Mary Beth Hicks, a right wing columnist for the Washington Times who promoted her book about evil, socialist school teachers, "Don't Let Your Kids Drink the Kool-Aid," on Fox & Friends. She recently said that Seth McFarland, creator of the Murdoch owned "Family Guy," hates God and that the Murdoch owned "Glee" is bad because it has Christian characters who are judgmental. Hannity read a list of curriculum topics which, in addition to the variants of sex also includes "mutual masturbation" and "oil based lubricants" - topics that would sure to be of interest to Bill O'Reilly but I digress.

Szish said that although children should be informed, she didn't think schools should mandate these courses because sex education should be left to parents. College drop out Hannity mentioned that, academically, NY students are not doing well and then blithered about "S&M, oral sex with braces, fetishes, porn stars, and bestiality" on a website recommended by the sex ed program. Hicks blithered about the hyper-sexualized media and the sexualization of American youth. Hannity blithered about how the schools are "circumventing" parental values especially in mandating that kids learn about birth control. Hicks continued the ain't it awful narrative after which Hannity made a bizarre reference to a comment, "I'm not a potted plant, I'm here as a lawyer, that's my job," made by Oliver North's attorney, Brendon Sullivan, during the Iran Contra hearings. After Szish noted that many parents aren't doing the job of providing sex education for their kids, Hannity wanted to know if kids "can grab a handful of condoms" without parental permission. Hicks wanted to know why the innocence of children is exploited by the hypersexual culture.

Comment: Why isn't it just outrageous that kids might be exposed to facts that could prevent teen pregnancy, STD's, and AIDS. What Hannity didn't mention is that prior to the new policy, years in the making, there was no standard sex ed curriculum in the schools, some of which didn't offer sex ed. While the schools are free to pick their courses, the vetted, age appropriate "Health Smart" and "Reducing the Risk" are recommended. Hannity didn't mention that in 2009, 85% of NY voters supported comprehensive sex ed. Those who oppose the program are anti-choice organizations and the Catholic Archdiocese - entities that seek to promote useless abstinence only education and vilify sex as sinful and shameful. They somehow assume that if kids don't learn about sex they won't engage in it and as a graduate of a Catholic high school in the mid sixties, I can assure you that abstinence (under penalty of mortal sin) doesn't work. Those girls who disappeared because of "mono" were those who weren't exposed to the "facts of life." Perhaps Hannity thinks that a mystique around sexuality is dandy; but the reality is that in sexual matters, ignorance isn't bliss but rather a recipe for ruined lives. But if Hannity is so concerned about the course, we doesn't he enroll. Might do him some good. On second thought - Hannity and sex - eww!!!

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