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Fox's Father Jonathan Morris Says Vanderbilt Leadership Is "Slimey?"

Reported by Priscilla - October 26, 2011 -

If Steve Doocy is Roger Ailes' "attack poodle," Fox's resident priest Fr.Jonathan Morris is Ailes' avenging angel. Whenever Ailes wants to get what he thinks his audience thinks is the official Catholic position, on a matter near and dear to the heart of the conservative and religious right, he calls in Morris. The latest faux outrage in the right wing is a Vanderbilt University non-discrimination policy which states that the leadership of campus religious organizations is not obligated to hold the same religious views as the membership. Of the many such groups, only four are out of compliance and all four are Christian groups whose charters require that the leadership hold the same views as the membership. As the membership beliefs of these groups are anti-gay, the requirement that the leaders hold the same bigoted beliefs is against Vandy's non discrimination policy. But in two recent segments, Fox & Friends hosted guests who opposed the policy, twisted its implications, and neglected to mention that anti-gay prejudice is the basis for it. Not surprisingly, the cute little Fox padre was called in, on Sunday, to opine on the policy of a university founded by Methodists - a religious group that's lots more gay friendly than Morris' papal peeps. But what was surprising was how Morris doubled down on the criticism in his rather harsh and very subjective accusations against the leadership of the school who did not get Morris' blessing but rather his declaration of anathema! Too bad for Morris that the Inquisition is so old school!

The message was set from the very beginning when Christian southern belle Ainsley Earhardt proclaimed, as did Steve Doocy, that "religious freedom is under attack" at Vanderbilt because of its policy of not requiring leaders of groups to practice the same beliefs as the rest of the groups. Sweet lil Ainsley didn't explain that the policy means that you can't be excluded from leadership of a Christian group if you don't share the homophobia of the membership. She pushed the requisite scary Fox propaganda that this could mean that a Catholic group (oh, saint's preserve us) could be led by a scary atheist. Naturally, Fr. Morris advanced this meme which is a convenient way to avoid the inconvenient truth of what this is really all about. As he said that this is a "downgrade" of who we are as a country, the agitprop Cavoto mark chyron provided the Fox position: "Crusade Against Religion, Vanderbilt's Policy Questioned By Students." (Oh, you mean the homophobic Christian students?) A credulous Earhardt said "right" when Morris said "in the name of tolerance...diversity, we become the same." (Oh, you mean we stop hating gays?) The old Fox be scared of atheists card was played in the chyron "Atheists to Lead Christians, Lawmakers Object to Vanderbilt's Rule." (Oh, you mean the 23 right wing Christian members of congress?) The misleading narrative about atheists leading Catholic groups was repeated by Earhardt.

Morris speculated, without any basis in reality, that this policy will encourage those who oppose the religious views of the groups will infiltrate the groups in order to bring them down. The chyron stated the Fox "fact" - "Religious Freedom Under Attack." This was followed by the be scared of atheist agitprop "Atheists to lead Christians?" which, again, misses the point of the policy. Morris claimed that the school's explanations for the policy are "slimey" and "half truths" because they are "trying to avoid anybody being tagged for their own specific religious beliefs and we don't want any group to somehow exclude somebody else." He claimed that the school hasn't really "given explanations" and claimed that "anybody in their right mind doesn't think this is a sensible move." Without noting that the statutes of the Christian out of compliance groups, cited by Earhardt, are anti-gay, Morris whined that the policy requires that the groups be open to people outside of their faith belief. He gave props to the right wing Christian groups who are "standing up" for those "who want the legal right to be who they want to be" (Oh, you mean bigoted homophobes) "otherwise we're all going to be the same." (Oh, you mean no more bigoted homophobes?) After Earhardt read a statement from the school, Morris said that was "the slimey explanation."

Comment: The "half truths" are the ones being told by the oh so dramatic little priest. The school has been very clear about what prompted this policy. Obviously, Father Morris, a member of a men's club which says homosexuality is "intrinsically disordered," obviously thinks it's OK to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and any attempt to combat this is "slimey." What is slimey is the distorted presentation of a straightforward issue which pits free speech and association against a school's non discrimination policy. It's really about whether conservative Chrstian groups have the right to discriminate against gays. All this stuff about atheists taking over Catholic groups is a smokescreen. But Morris did his best jazz hands propaganda in bending over backwards - or is it frontward - for Roger Ailes.


(That is a totally straight, butch Christianity to all you gay, commie atheists!)

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