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Fox News Says ACORN Is Behind Occupy Wall Street Movement

Reported by Ellen - October 26, 2011 -

FoxNews.com has an "exclusive" story, based on anonymous sources, alleging that ACORN, that community organization for poor people that Fox just can't vilify enough is a puppetmaster behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. The "fair and balanced" network's accusations of wrong-doing seem to be unverified and are strangely reminiscent of the phony accusations that an ACORN worker had killed her husband, or that ACORN workers had committed voter fraud, for example. (H/T Greg Mitchell)

What reporters Jana Winter and Shira Bush also forgot to mention? That ACORN was completely exonerated of the charges Fox News previously tried to make stick.

Although Winter and Bush quote their anonymously-sourced allegations that former ACORN workers improperly collected money, they were apparently unable to verify it. But just as Fox News was unable to verify the so-called murderous past of an ACORN worker, they presented the accusations as if they were authoritative.

Sources said staff members also collected door-to-door for (ACORN-connected) NYCC’s PCB campaign — which aims to test schools for deadly toxins —but then pooled that money together with cash raised for the teachers union and other campaigns to fund Occupy Wall Street.

“We go to Freeport, Central Islip, Park Slope, everywhere, and we say we’re collecting money for PCBs testing in schools. But the money isn’t going to the campaign," one source said.

"It’s going to Occupy Wall Street, and we’re not using that money to get schools tested for deadly chemicals or to make their kids safer. It’s just going to the protests, and that’s just so terrible.”

There's also this curious paragraph:

Current staff members at NYCC told FoxNews.com the union fundraising drive was called off abruptly last week, and they were told NYCC should not have been raising money for the union at all.

So was this all a brief mistake that has been rectified? Or has there been actual, serious wrong-doing? Fox News does its best to suggest the latter but given the skimpy facts and Fox's seriously compromised record of reporting on ACORN in the past, it's just as easy to think they've got nothing of substance. Again.

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