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Steve Doocy Defends Persecuted Christian Vanderbilt Students From Evil Atheists

Reported by Priscilla - October 23, 2011 -

Christianity in the USA is doing fine. Christians are free to follow their religion without fear of pogroms and other such nastiness. Nobody is forcing Christians to worship Zeus although if the Christians had their way this country would be the United States of Jesus; but I digress. Despite their being in the catbird seat, today's right wing Christians think that they are being persecuted. And as the media outlet for persecuted Christians, Fox News has never seen a persecuted Christian they haven't loved. One of the latest bits of Christian outrage is a Vanderbilt University policy which requires that student organizations can't discriminate against "individuals based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression." Naturally, the Christian groups, one of which kicked out a gay member, are upset. Naturally Fox is on it like treacly art on "holy cards." Fox Nation has already taken up this topic in order to foment righteous Christian outrage. Thursday morning, Jesus BFF Steve Doocy did his good Christian soldier routine in providing validation for another Jesus BFF, Congressman Randy Forbes who is upset about this latest affront to poor persecuted Christians.

The opening chyron was sure to get those outraged Christian juices flowing: "Losing Its Religion, Vanderbilt Flirting With Religious Suppression." Good Christian Steve Doocy proclaimed that "religious freedom is under attack" at Vanderbilt. He reported that there is a new policy that "prohibits religious organizations from requiring that their leaders have the same beliefs as the organization that they lead." He didn't report that this policy was enacted after a gay student was expelled from a Christian fraternity. This prompted the school to review its non discrimination policies and in so doing they discovered that Christian prayer leaders of the Christian Legal Society were leading prayers about how evil homosexuals are going to hell which prompted Vanderbilt's Office of Religious Life to point out "that the requirement means officers are expected to hold certain beliefs — contrary to Vanderbilt policy." So it's really about teh gay; but Fox News doesn't want you to know about that. Good Catholic Doocy scared his audience with the comment that this could mean that an evil atheist could be allowed to lead Catholic prayers. He introduced his good Christian guest, Rep. Forbes, who along with 23 of his fellow Christian members of Congress, sent a letter to Vanderbilt voicing their objections to the policy.

Doocy, for once, said something accurate about how his audience must be disturbed by this revelation. Forbes said that it's eve worse than you can imagine. Forbes claimed that the groups have opened their membership to everybody regardless of belief; but there are two things that "distinguish" the Christian groups, their belief in prayer and the bible and they ask their leaders to lead the prayer. He didn't note that one of the prayers was from "Romans" (a very butch group) which read, in part, that "In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” Forbes said that Vanderbilt is "shutting down" these organizations. Running with the right wing "spin," Doocy framed the message that the school will require that evil atheists be able to lead Christian groups and that wouldn't be a very good leader for a Christian group. Forbes, to his credit, allayed Doocy's fear about the atheists in stating that he didn't know of any atheists who wanted to lead the Christian Legal Society. The chyron brought home the agitprop bacon: "Crusade Against Religion? Atheists Can Lead Christian Organizations." Roger Ailes "attack poodle" was a pit bull in that he couldn't let the atheist thing go. He asked about the odds of atheists taking over leadership positions. Forbes reiterated that this is discrimination because it's only focused on Christian groups. The chyron stated the Fox message clearly and without Cavuto mark: "Religious Freedom Under Attack, Letter Urges School to Abandon New Policy." With his "unintentionally savage parody of a morning news empty grin," Doocy thanked his guest.

Comment: So rather than comment about how homophobic prayers are in violation of the school's non discrimination policy, Fox, once again, played the victim card. Obviously, there are some First Amendment issues here; but you didn't hear about them because only one side of the story was being presented - the persecuted Christian side - and that's the only side that counts on Fox & Friends! But's an "opinion show" on the "fair & balanced" network so it's all good praise Jesus and Roger Ailes who, obviously, is on the inside track to the pearly gates.