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Bobby Jindal Makes A Campaign Stop On Hannity

Reported by Ellen - October 23, 2011 -

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana won re-election in a landslide Saturday. But the night before (10/21/11), he made a campaign stop on the Hannity show. Sean Hannity was such a cheerleader for Jindal, he might as well have been waving a “Vote for Bobby!” sign during the fawning segment that passed for an interview.

Hannity’s first question pretty much set the tone: How many months of consecutive job growth (have you presided over)?

Hannity’s next question: North Dakota has a lower unemployment rate than you… but they recently had a massive, huge oil discovery that they’re moving forward with. Now if they allow oil drilling again back in the gulf – you lost a lot of jobs with that but still you’re over, about 2½ points below the national average with unemployment. So it seems to me that if you get your oil industry back, so too a lot of jobs come back?

Hannity: You basically have gone in the opposite direction of what we’re doing nationally… (he gushed over Jindal's tax cuts, cuts to the state budget, etc.). How did you all of that and the results are good and why don’t we do this nationally? It seems like you’re doing a pretty good job, things are better in Louisiana than nationwide.

The discussion veered off to the 2012 presidential election after that. But Hannity hadn’t finished effusing. “Looks like you’re gonna win this race tomorrow night… and a lot of people mention your name as a possible vice presidential candidate.”

Jindal said he didn’t want the job.

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