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Huckabee and Cavuto Get It Wrong Promoting The Faux Fisker Finland Controversy

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 22, 2011 -

By Brian

As Media Matters noted, Fox News has seized upon year-old news that the federal government has loaned money to Fisker, an American hybrid automobile manufacturer that will – gasp - assemble its car in Finland. Although none of the US funds can go to the overseas work and American jobs will be created in the production of the Karma car, Fox has presented the loan as some kind of abuse of public funds. Yesterday (10/21/11) on Your World, Mike Huckabee seriously misrepresented the mileage of the Karma in order to sneer that it’s no better than a Ford Explorer.

"Two years later, those jobs still are not here, they’re in Finland." Neil Cavuto said.

Huckabee was even more dismissive. "The jobs are going to come, and also by the way, pigs are going to be flying down Sixth Avenue in Manhattan later this afternoon.” He added, “These are cars that cost $97,000 each. They're supposed to be electric cars, but they're really hybrids… They can only go 32 miles before the turbo charger kicks in, and then you have, essentially, a gas-driven car… The ultimate mileage comes out to be 19 MPG. A Ford Explorer SUV gets better gas mileage than does this Fisker karma."

Cavuto “asked,” "Why don't you talk to Leonardo DiCaprio, who apparently is a big fan of these cars? …He was also in Titanic when that thing went down. This looks like it could be a big uh-oh."

As if being in a movie had anything to do with the purchase of a hybrid.

But Huckabee appreciated and added to the snark. "Five hundred twenty nine million dollars of uh-ohs." He said Fisker is "building a car in Finland that does not even compete with an American made Ford, that gets better gas mileage and actually does less to hurt the environment."

Not really. According to AutoBlog, the Karma’s total MPG is 52MPGE. It gets 32 miles electric and 20 miles to the gallon of gas when the battery runs out. AutoBlog notes that that’s not what had been hoped for from the Karma but it’s hardly comparable to a Ford Explorer.

Cavuto did not correct the falsehood.

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