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Sarah Palin Offers Her Special Insights On Qaddafi’s Death

Reported by Ellen - October 21, 2011 -

I’m sure that on the day that news broke that Muammar Qaddafi had been killed, Fox News producers of the Hannity show turned to Sarah Palin because they, like so many of us, were wondering what Palin’s thoughts were on the future of Libya, the Middle East and the implications for American foreign policy. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Republicans made an immediate move to make sure President Obama didn’t enjoy any political success. So it must have been quite a blow when Palin limited her analysis to what amounted to, “We have to wait and see about Libya but in the meanwhile, let’s attack Obama.”

Sean Hannity began the discussion about Qaddafi at about 1:30.

Palin’s “insight:” We need to be cognizant of the evolving situation and who will replace Qaddafi… so we have to be aware of the situation as it evolves.

Then she said, “Let me add something to this regime change, now, discussion.”

What she really meant was she was going to change the topic away from anything currently happening in Libya and on to attacking President Obama and the left.

It strikes me as quite ironic, Sean, that those on the left had been so dismissive of Ronald Reagans 1986 air strikes against Qaddafi and calling it a criminal act and these are the same people today celebrating Obama’s participation and NATO’s leadership with the air strikes that has led to the demise of Qaddafi. The inconsistencies there with foreign policy support and actions that our military and our participation with NATO and what the White House does, the inconsistencies and the hypocrisy that come from the left never ceases to amaze. But having said, that, glad that Qaddafi’s gone. Need to be aware now of the evolving situation.

Does anyone really believe that Palin will be staying “aware now of the evolving situation?” Does anyone really believe Palin knew anything about Reagan’s policy toward Libya until shortly before show time?

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