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The Five’s Eric Bolling Calls OWS Every Name In The Book, Then Defends Doug Schoen’s Phony Poll

Reported by Aunty Em - October 20, 2011 -

Eric Bolling, Fox “News” Bully Boy and serial liar, took to the airwaves to smear the Occupy movement once again, although this time he eschewed wearing a tin foil hat. On yesterday’s show, and without pausing for breath, he called the OWS protesters, “Communist, Nazi, anti-Semites down here. Pot smoking, sex addicted morons, and you compare that to the Tea Party?” Clearly Kimberly Guilfoyle was amused because she laughed heartily at Bolling’s name-calling. However, Bob Beckel, who made the comparison, was not amused. He cried foul. Beckel has mentioned several times, on previous shows and in this segment, how he’s been forced to moderate his language when talking about Teabaggers because, as he has also explained, how angry it made his The Five co-hosts. They expressed their displeasure off the air and in commercial breaks. In fact, Beckel now calls them “The Tea People,” because of the severe browbeating he took. Yet, those same people feel that the Occupy movement can be described in almost sub-human terms and find it amusing.

To his credit Beckel never stops trying to push back, despite how unlevel The Five’s playing field: “See that’s what I mean. You’re sitting here and you give me heat because I say things about the Tea Party and you make an outrageous statement like that.” However, it made no difference because the Four Against One Fair & Balanced Show™ just ignored him and continued demonizing the Occupy protesters with nary a fact to be heard.

This segment lasted less than 7 minutes, but in it one can hear just about every Fox “News” distortion concerning OWS versus the Tea Party. At one point Greg Gutfeld made the bogus claim that the so-called Left Wing media has been acting as a “PR Team” for the Occupy movement, “Just like they did same thing for Obama when he was running for president.” That’s when Guilfoyle pointedly, and laughingly, claimed: “And they didn’t do it for the Tea Party.” Beckel also pushed back (as well as he could, being so outnumbered) on that absurd lie, considering how much free publicity Fox “News” gave the astro-turfed Teabaggers. However, he also [accidentally] got Bolling to give away part of the game when Beckel accused him of using his show to promote the Tea Party. Amazingly, Bolling didn’t deny it. Not only did he admit his biased coverage, but Bully Boy Bolling went one step further in order to quote the Fox “Lie of the Day.” He cited the phony poll by phony pollster and phony Democrat, Doug Schoen, to further demonize OWS. Watch and read along:

BOLLING: [I covered the Tea Party extensively] because I happen to sign onto the smaller government—but, do you realize, do you realize that a Democratic pollster, Doug Schoen—walks around this building once in a while—polled these guys. Eighty-five percent of ‘em have jobs, 50% of ‘em—49 to 51 percent—thought that the right way to do, uhhh, bailouts were necessary. [sic] BANK BAILOUTS WERE NECESSARY! [Emphasis his] And here are these yo-yos going ‘Down with capitalism’ ‘Too big to fail sucks.’ They don’t even know what they are fighting for.

In his rush to smear OWS, and embrace Schoen, Bolling didn’t even realize he contradicted both himself and "Spurious" Schoen. How can you poll people who “don’t even know what they are fighting for” and get such unanimity? There’s so much more to this segment. Please watch it for yourself.