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Fox Gushes Over Dennis Miller’s Classless Smears Of Democrat Bill Burton

Reported by Ellen - October 20, 2011 -

Last night (10/19/11), The O’Reilly Factor’s resident “comedian,” Dennis Miller visited for his regular Wednesday night joke-a-thon for conservatives. Although Fox Newsies never tire of complaining about hostility in the media toward conservatives, I’d love for any Fox apologist to show me any other mainstream media news program in which a conservative was mocked with the same viciousness that Miller showed toward Democrat and former White House deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton. That was bad enough but FoxNews.com gushed over Miller’s appearance by calling their video of the segment, Miller on Fire in No Spin Zone and subtitling it, “Funnyman analyzes GOP debate, Wall Street protesters.”

Miller sneered, “Who the hell is Bill Burton? How close do you have to get to air time with a cancellation before you call that number?” As if Miller is such a top tier talent!

Later, Miller said, “I’m going out (on Halloween) as Bill Burton.” Memo to Miller: If I were you, I wouldn’t joke about other people looking scary. Just saying.

O’Reilly said, “Will you give Burton a break?” But then he joked that Miller wouldn’t get any candy dressed up as Burton.

O’Reilly protested that nobody would want to come on the program, not even Scott Baio, after Miller’s appearance.

The two broke into uncontrollable laughter.

Miller scoffed, “Baio makes a thousand times more sense… I haven’t seen a deputy that inept since Barney Fife, for God’s sakes.

Can you imagine the Fox News collective hissy fit that would ensue if a comic went on MSNBC and joked like that about Sarah Palin?

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