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Cavuto Appreciates Ron Paul’s Goal Of Dismantling And Privatizing The FDA

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 20, 2011 -

By Brian

Your World featured an interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on October 18, during the afternoon before the Republican presidential candidates’ debate. At about six minutes in, Cavuto asked, "You know a lot of your proposals on paper do make sense, and they’re a long term goal, you just do it in a lot less time. But the rap you get from others even within your party, and you'll likely hear it tonight sir, is that under your plan, the Food and Drug Administration would see its budget hacked close to half, 40%, maybe a little less. But… they're saying well that's tantamount to a President Ron Paul all but welcoming poisoning Americans. What say you?"

Paul answered, "I think the FDA has done a lot of mischief. Sometimes they spend a lot of time preventing good drugs from coming on the market… It's a politicized group… The private industries would try to provide this information rather than the bureaucrats which is always slanted towards certain people… There was a time when we lived without the FDA… I think it inhibits a lot of drug development… They can protect us no more from problems than the SEC protects us from financial problems."

Cavuto nodded along. When Paul finished, Cavuto said, "And their budget has successfully been increased year after year, and we still have problems. Very good point."

Do Cavuto and Paul really think that the food and drug industry will do a better job of preventing consumers from eating tainted food and take tainted drugs? Or are they just so enamored with privatization that they’re willing to risk the lives of Americans in order to enact their ideology?

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