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Gretchen Carlson Is Stunned By "Propensity" Of Disrespect To Flag Stories

Reported by Priscilla - October 19, 2011 -

Fox & Friends is a show that, as I have noted, specializes in patriotic victimhood. As an adjunct to this meme, they also have a propensity to feature stories where the American flag and those wearing it are supposedly disrespected. Recently, a Florida hotel fired an employee who refused to take off his flag pin in violation of their code which prohibits any buttons, badges, pins, or insignias. Not surprisingly, Fox & Friends has picked up the story. On Monday, after they reported this latest travesty towards real Merkun patriots, they interviewed an Air-Force vet who is so upset about it that he's urging folks to boycott the hotel. (Funny, some of the Fox talking heads didn't like it when the gays were urging boycotts after Prop 8 passed...) Never wasting an opportunity to secure reinforcement of her views (and the requisite Fox agitprop message) uber patriot Gretchen Carlson asked this question of her guest: "Are you stunned, Bruce, at the propensity of these kinds of stories. I mean it seems that we could find one of these stories almost every day" (LOL, you certainly do!) whether it's a condominium association that doesn't want people to fly the American flag, I'm trying to think of all the examples but it seems like we're talking about it all the time." (Ad Nauseum, I might add) I get her point but the phrasing was strange.

"Propensity" is defined as "an often intense natural inclination or preference." It is frequently followed by the word "to" or "for" followed by a verb. Should Gretch have used a noun like "abundance" or "numbers?" Did she mean "proliferation?" I don't know. Am I being too picky? Grammar police, help me out. The usage here seems strange. But she went to Stanford and I didn't so go figure!

Anyway, Gretch's commentary clearly demonstrated the propensity of Fox & Friends to create faux outrage and thus perpetuate the meme of conservative victimization which, as stated by Jon Stewart, is the true genius of Fox "News."


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