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Gretchen Carlson Is Proud Of TX Student Who "Took A Stand" Against Mexican "Indoctrination"

Reported by Priscilla - October 19, 2011 -

Fox & Friends (Or as Foxpriest Jonathan Morris calls it "Fix & Friends") is a Fox show that underscores Jon Stewart's comment about how Fox's genius is in providing a platform for conservative victimization. There is no victimized conservative who doesn't get a warm welcome on the "morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream." There is no persecuted patriot, Christian, Christian patriot, patriotic student, and patriotic Christian student who doesn't get a warm welcome on Fox & Friends which wraps itself in the red, white, and blue. Today's patriotic right wing feels victimized by what they perceive to be cultural influences that seek to undermine real Merka as we know it - particularly the "gay agenda" and educational programs that seek to foster appreciation for foreign languages and culture - most notably Hispanic. So it's no surprise that "melancholy cornhusk" (love ya, Gawker) Gretchen Carlson would have provided warm affirmation for a Texas student who claims that her school is indoctrinating students by forcing them to recite the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Mexican national anthem in Spanish. That they are supposedly being forced to participate in this shameful activity, in Spanish class, is the newest outrage in real Merka where doing this could turn your child brown. Enter Fix & Friends.

Yesterday, Gretch opened with a truly scary scene of a teacher leading her class in reciting the Mexican national anthem. Former Miss America reported, with emphasis on the word "Mexican" that this was an assignment in a Texas classroom. She had her best I-am-so-freaking-pissed look on her face when she informed her real Merkun audience that this assignment was done on Mexican Independence Day which, ohmagawd, was also during "Freedom Week" which, according to Gretch, "you'd think would be to honor the USA" but as she told her guest, "your teacher had a different idea because you were going to honor Mexico that day." (Notice how Gretch set the agitprop - she inferred that the teacher was putting Mexico above the USA). Her guest, Brenda Brindson, said it was "sad" because it was during the week after 9-11. (Huh?) She said she knew "it was wrong." Gretch continued to "lead" with "In your heart you felt it was wrong you decided to take out your cell phone" (actually a "spy pen") "and you videotaped what we're seeing." She asked Brindson why she wanted to do that. Brindson responded that she "wanted to prove that this is really happening."

Gretch continued to toss the requisite question to get the requisite message: "Why did you, in your heart, know that it was wrong." Brindson claimed that it "isn't American" and that it's "unconstitutional" and "that nobody should be doing this in the US." She blithered about how you can't do this in Iraq. (Huh?) Gretch noted that Brindson was given an alternative assignment because she refused to stand up and say the pledge. The agitprop chyron: "American Pride, TX Student Stands Up To Teacher." (Bet Fox wouldn't be so proud if a gay student stood up to a homopobic teacher!) When Brindson said that she had to do a presentation about Mexican independence which "is basically the same thing," Gretch said "uh-huh." When she said that she received a "bad grade," Gretch framed the message "you believe you got a bad grade because you refused to do the pledge?" Brindson agreed. Gretch read a comment from the school that this was just one class and that the American Pledge is said every day. Brindson said thing are going better since she and her father complained but "that was an indoctrination" and "with the slightest bit of influence to any children, it's always huge, it's always a major impact on kids, it's always youth and youth are the future." (Huh?) Looking straight into the camera, uber patriot Gretch finished with "Brenda Brindson did not want to recite the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance. She took a stand." Fade out strains of "God Bless America" - just kidding!

Comment: Look out. The Mexican Agenda is indoctrination your kids. I know whereof I speak. I had to sing Les La Marseillaise in high school and now I'm eating quiche, wearing a beret, listening to Edith Piaf, and engaging in existential conversations in smoked filled cafes. But be warned, parents, about this here furrin indoctrination through memorization. Memorizing Shakespeare could turn your child into a British pooftah. But the Mexican pledge and anthem? Why that's downright treason. Thank You Fix & Friends for alerting us to this pernicious danger.

Addendum - Brindson's dad was interviewed by Glenn Beck on his radio show. And according to the school district spokesperson, the other students didn't have a problem with the lesson.


Video taken by student

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