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Greg Gutfeld Spreads Misinformation - Columbus Day Has NOT Been Banned In Somerville MA

Reported by Priscilla - October 19, 2011 -

Thanks to Fox News and other right wing media outlets, the story that a Somerville Principal has "banned" Columbus Day has gone viral. On Sunday, the weekend Fox & Friends, sourcing from the conservative Boston Herald, proclaimed that a Somerville school had "banned" fall holidays. And yesterday, Greg Gutfeld advanced this story which just isn't true. Somerville School Superintendent Tony Pierantozzi clearly stated, in the Somerville News, that “There is absolutely no validity to the stories that are everywhere about banning celebrations, banning all holidays, banning Halloween. At no time did anyone representing the Somerville Public Schools state that holidays or celebrations would be reduced, changed or curtailed." As this was reported today, and Gutfeld's commentary was yesterday, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But the question is whether he will issue a correction. But in addition to the misinformation, Gutfeld mocked the teacher's comment about the need to treat the issue of Columbus Day with "sensitivity" given what happened to the indigenous population after Columbus showed up. But hey, that's right wing "humor" for ya! If ignorance is bliss, these clowns are in wonderland!

Fun was had by all. Not only was our educational system mocked but the group thought that the teacher should be fired. And underscoring the nature of the teacher's e-mail, which was the source of the erroneous Herald report, the group showed no sensitivity to the realities of history. Given the crudity of Greg's show, one assumes that his audience shares both his low level "humor" and right wing politics. Thus, one assumes that after the airing of this show there was probably an uptick in the death threats and other harassing messages sent to anyone connected with this.

Think Greg will rectify his trashing of the teacher - or "bearing false witness" as he learned from his Baltimore Catechism? Nah... He must have been such a cute little altar boy! And he's grown up now; but he's still very little in more ways than one.

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