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Pat Buchanan Too Bigoted Even For Hannity

Reported by Ellen - October 18, 2011 -

Regular readers know that Sean Hannity has a very, very disturbing record on race. But even he seemed skeptical about Pat Buchanan’s theory that diminishing numbers of white people represent an existential threat to the Republican Party and, by extension the country. Buchanan's solution? Cut off immigration so that the current under class can “move up” and become Republicans. Hannity didn’t want to go there but he warmly offered to have Buchanan back (i.e. help rehabilitate his image) when he gets in trouble for those views.

Buchanan told Hannity that “all of America” is about to look like California and “every American city (will be) like L.A.” i.e. brown, black and bankrupt. “What California is today, America is in 2041 if we don’t change course,” he warned.

On the other hand, Buchanan intertwined white, Republican and solvent. “A Republican can’t win California today,” he said (I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t count). He described California voters as, “Democratic. They depend on government, they believe in government and they vote for the party of government.” He added ominously “And when Texas goes the same way – and whites are a minority in Texas – when it becomes predominantly, overwhelmingly Hispanic, it’s going to become predominantly Democratic.” In other words, people of color equals Democratic equals bankruptcy and doom.

Ordinarily, I’d expect Hannity to embrace such rhetoric but even he questioned why Buchanan broke it down “along racial lines” as opposed to “belief systems.” He also challenged Buchanan’s seeming theory that ethnicity equals political destiny. “Politically, can the different demographic groups move over to limited government, to lower taxes?” Hannity asked.

“Now you’re talking,” Buchanan said. But then he added, “That’s why I say, if you have a moratorium on immigration.” Buchanan said that when Jews, Irish, Poles and Italians came into the country, they all voted Democratic. But when “we shut off immigration in 1924, by the 1950’s” those groups began voting Republican. His theory was that voters “need time” to “move up out of poverty” and into the middle class in order to vote Republican.

In other words, it’s not up to Republicans to reach out to poor and minority Americans, it’s up to poor and minority Americans to “move up” and become Republicans. And in the meanwhile, Katy bar the door.

Hannity may not have agreed, at least not publicly, but he was perfectly comfortable promoting Buchanan’s ideas. He closed the segment by saying hospitably, “Listen, when you’re under fire later this week, we’ll have you back.”

Because if there’s any cause Hannity loves as much as promoting Republicans, it’s helping out white guys in trouble over bigoted remarks.

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