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Martha MacCallum Says Hormone Therapy For Gender Confused Boy Is Child Abuse?

Reported by Priscilla - October 18, 2011 -

More than other mainstream news outlets, Fox News seems quite obsessed with the boy whose parents are allowing him to have hormone therapy in order to delay puberty due to gender confusion issues. The Fox News website had this story as a lede on their website. It is also on Fox Nation where the comments are the usual spew of vile homophobia. And today, on America's Newsroom, Martha MacCallum provided hers and the Fox unofficial take on the issue during her interview with two doctors, one of whom was, drum roll please, the notorious transphobic Fox "Medical A Team" member, Dr. Keith Ablow. Neither Ablow nor the other doctor were able to say much as most of the time was spent with Martha whining about this doesn't seem like a good thing. And she echoed the sentiments of the crude Fox Nation denizens when she suggested that this therapy could even be child abuse; but because she's far more sophisticated than the Fox Nations sewer dwellers, she was able to subtly infer rather than overtly state. But the propaganda message, that these lesbians are bad parents, was still loud and clear.

MacCallum framed the homophobic message immediately by reporting, with emphasis on the words, that "a same sex couple has decides to give their 11 year old son hormone blockers to stop the onset of his natural beginnings of puberty." (Why not "parents have decided...") Her facial expression conveyed disapproval. She added that the parents want to give the child more time to decide on his sexuality. To Dr. Keith Ablow, she noted that this this "lesbian couple" "claim" that this is what the child wanted. She didn't note that the boy tried to mutiliate his genitals. Ablow started by saying he "wasn't trying to bully anyone" and then stated that the boy's parents should have a psych evaluation of the parents to see if "other forces" are at play. He didn't specify what these forces are. But he did say that this shouldn't be a cultural debate but a scientific one. (ROFLMAO, tell that to the knuckle draggers at Fox Nation.)

Matha sighed and launched into a question that was really a lecture: "This child has not started puberty and to me the idea that when you think about what goes on in a child's body during these years, right, all of these natural things that are supposed to be evolving in your body and then to make an arbitrary decision and by arbitrary I don't mean willy nilly but a voluntary act to say let's give this child these hormones and that will prevent puberty I mean who knows what your going to get into and bring on medically by undertaking this." Ablow nodded as she spoke.

The other doctor, Martin Makary of Johns Hopkins talked briefly about the dangers of changing natural physiology. She provided the main propaganda message framed as a question to Ablow: "There's nothing legally to prevent this, Dr. Ablow, as irresponsible to this child from when they're 18 or 21 they certainly will have the choices that are open to them in today's society. Is this any form of irresponsible, at the very least, parenting that could be legislated in any way?" Translation - This is child abuse.

Ablow said it's "tough" to reverse course and some have regretted it later. He said that "it's time for the president's commission on bio-ethical concerns just as with stem cells to get involved here...to look at this issue because the theory that people are born into the wrong bodies needs to be looked at scientifically." He claimed that we need "guidelines." Martha said that Ablow was right about these issues being "complex." She finished with another little lecture about how "people are tormented throughout their lives of having these feelings of being born in the wrong sex but this child is so young and that what has raised all of these concerns about whether or not he has any choice in this matter."

Comment: As the "fair & balanced" newsroom, Fox should probably interview the child's parents and some of the doctors and mental health professionals who are monitoring the boy. Nah...That would cut the propaganda buzz and we can't have that in America's Newsroom!


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