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Fox News Plays To Christians Victimized By Liberal Hollywood

Reported by Priscilla - October 18, 2011 -

That Fox "News" loves its victimized Christians couldn't be any clearer in the Fox News lede story. Atop a picture of the actress Susan Sarandon is the great, big, whopping headline: "She Said What, The Last (Pope), Not the Nazi One We Have Now." This refers to a remark that Sarandon recently made about her having given a copy of the book, "Dead Men Walking" to the former pope and not Pope Benedict. (Or as we heathens call him, "Paparazzi") Not suprisingly, supposed Catholic spokesperson, the uber right wing, anti-Semitic, and totally homopobic Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League, is foaming at the mouth. But Fox does love its culture war and this story is red meat for the pitchfork crowd whose hatred of evil, liberal Hollywood actors is reinforced by Fox News.

Meanwhile the lede on CNN is about Hillary Clinton's visit to Libya and a story about the dead auto racer. MSNBC's lede is about tonight's GOP debate and the royal wedding in Bhutan. But Fox "News" knows what its people want and they're more than happy to give it to them. Oh, and what's even worse is that a "source" told Fox News that the Sarandon crowd wasn't bothered by her comment. Along with "taking our country back," the Fox readers probably would love to bring back that old Spanish Inquisition. And Fox News would be front and center at the burnings which would be lit, with great ceremony, by Bill O'Reilly who is the Fox supreme pontiff - or is it Hannity...???

*Oh, and under the headline is another headline which refers to the civil rights hero, Harry Belafonte, as a "jackass." Another meme is covered - evil, liberal, African-American Hollywood actors.

*Correction - whoopsy. The not so famous Fox New sycophant Johnny $ caught me being sloppy. When I saw the headline about Hollywood, jackasses, and Harry Belafonte I didn't check out the actual articles. The "jackass" thing was about a number of stars including Hank Williams Jr. The Harry Belafonte thing was separate. Oh, so mega maxima culpa, Juanito whose petty criticism of my "lies" brings new meaning to the term jackass.


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One hopes that Murdoch's papal pals are pleased!