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Fox Nation Uses Child To Generate Hateful Homophobia

Reported by Priscilla - October 18, 2011 -

As we know, Fox Nation is a proud, Christian heterosexual place where the LBGT community is quite unwelcome - so unwelcome that a discussion thread about Chaz Bono, who is transgender, was shut down due to the Christian heterosexual - uh - passion with which Bono was demonized. As I reported yesterday, the Fox News website reported on the son of a California lesbian couple who is, under medical supervision, undergoing hormone treatment in order to delay puberty due to gender confusion issues. After Fox ran with the Fox News story, the story started a marathon run in all the usual right wing and Christian websites where homophobia is a family value. And it didn't take long for Fox Nation, a site for those "opposed to intolerance," to pick up the story so that their Fox Nation residents could engage in the usual homophobic regurgitations. And last I heard, homophobic comments are not about tolerance. But this is the bizarro world of Fox Nation. What more can I tell ya!

Not only will there be death threats; but the local child welfare department will, probably, be wasting its time fielding calls about "child abuse" from the pitchfork brigade who are being revved up by those at Fox Nation who know their demographics very well.

Shame on Fox Nation for using a child to spread their vile hatred.

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