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Dick Morris: If Blacks Know They Can Move Up Without Government Handouts, They Won’t Vote For Democrats

Reported by Ellen - October 18, 2011 -

Dick Morris visited Hannity last night (10/17/11) and offered a variation on Herman Cain’s “African Americans have been brainwashed into voting Democratic” comments. Morris’ version was that African Americans have voted Democratic out of ignorance that they can move up without government handouts. Sean Hannity, of course, did not challenge the sentiment other than to call it “pretty controversial.”

Morris’ comments were made in the context of comparing media coverage of Cain vs. Barack Obama. Morris said, “They represent dramatically different examples of upward mobility for minority children. One through the public sector, community organizing, affirmative action, government office. The other through working up the private sector.”

Of course, Obama made his money writing books but why quibble over a little fact like that? Hannity certainly didn’t.

After suggesting that Cain was the one who had achieved more by saying his background made “Barack Obama look rich,” Morris continued, “And I think that there’s a, there’s a fear, a terror by the Democratic Party that if blacks get the point that they can move up without the government handouts, and you don’t have to elect Democrats to do that? They’re going to lose their whole political majority.”

Hannity responded by saying, “We’re gonna get to that with (Pat) Buchanan. It’s pretty controversial.” But he didn’t challenge the premise, even with Buchanan. Because Buchanan's premise was that America and Republicans are the ones losing their base (because there are too many people of color in the US).

Video via Media Matters.

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