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Bob Beckel Literally Owes His Life To Roger Ailes and Eric Bolling

Reported by Aunty Em - October 14, 2011 -

From the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Department: On yesterday’s edition of The Five—the Fox “News” equivalent of a uncomfortable family dinner each and every weekday—wacky-but-loveably-sexist cousin Greg Gutfeld interrupted the proceedings to demand that crazy-but-no-longer-addicted Uncle Bob Beckel tell the anecdote of what happened earlier in the day. Short version: At lunch, with the extended [corporate] family, Uncle Bob appears to have choked on a [jumbo?] shrimp. Beckel was the first to admit that had not Eric Bolling and Roger Ailes been there to Heimlich him [he’s big enough that it might actually take two people] the headlines today might have been very different. No. Really:

Video courtesy Mediaite

The NY Post has the inside scoop in the hilariously titled article “Ailes Saves Choked Liberal.”

“He was leaning over strangely and turning different colors,” said a source at Del Frisco’s, adding that Ailes “noticed first, stood up and immediately began performing the Heimlich. Ailes led the way. When [Beckel] was still red and purple, Bolling came in for the assist, and then Beckel spat something up.”

COMMENT: This was a serious incident. Because Mr. Beckel is fine, we can treat it lightly. No one wishes Uncle Bobby—or any of the other crazy relatives who gather at The Five dinner table daily—any harm. However, I have mentioned more than once how Bob Beckel is treated as the brunt of the joke daily on The Five. This incident won’t help. I expect these awkward family dinners to start including “Beckel Chokes Jokes” in 3…2…1…