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Sean Hannity Glad Hank Williams, Jr. Won’t Apologize For Calling Obama “The Enemy”

Reported by Ellen - October 12, 2011 -

The next time GOP Special Victim Sean Hannity whines about the left’s harsh rhetoric, please be sure to remember this lovefest interview with Hank Williams, Jr. Hannity didn’t just condone Williams likening President Obama to Hitler and referring to him as “the enemy,” Hannity applauded Williams for refusing to apologize and called him a "great American."

Williams looked a lot less hostile and more sober than he did in his now-infamous appearance on Fox & Friends last week. Still, the segment had the air of life imitating Saturday Night Live as he shrugged theatrically when Hannity said, “You said, alright, yeah, I shouldn’t have used the Hitler analogy… But then today on The View, you said, ‘Yeah, I would use it again.’ ...I want you to explain it,” Hannity said, sympathetically.

Hannity seemed to have completely forgotten about Williams calling Obama “the enemy.”

Hannity even went so far as to help spin Williams’ comments for him. You may recall that the Hitler analogy came when Williams likened a golf game between President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner as one between Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Hannity said, “I assume what you were saying is that they’re never going to get along, we all know they’re not going to get along, the country’s a mess. Explain what you’re thinking here.”

As if we didn't know exactly what Williams had been thinking and had more than enough of it.

But not Hannity. “Frankly, I’m glad that you said, ‘I’m not apologizing,’” he said with open admiration. Hannity went on to mock people who apologize in a panic over a controversy. “They’re not sorry. They’re just sorry that they said it and you had the guts to…” Williams erupted in appreciative laughter as Hannity continued by saying, “Isn’t that the truth?”

Hannity ended the interview by saying, “God bless you. You’re a great American.”

That’s right. Hannity – who less than two months ago insisted “I would never question (Obama’s) patriotism” – was calling a guy who called our president “the enemy” and likened him to Hitler “a great American.”

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