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Bill O'Reilly's Fellow Christian Bigots

Reported by Priscilla - October 12, 2011 -

Given the popularity of Bill O'Reilly and the type of information that he peddles, I believe it's safe to assume that some of Bill's fan base could be ignorant bigots. (Bill O'Reilly is so right. Who knew that black people use cutlery!). My suspicion was borne out by the latest news that, after having watched Bill O'Reilly's interview with Richard Dawkins, the management of the posh Wyndgate Country Club, in Rochester Hills Michigan, cancelled a speaking engagement with the noted scientist and author. After the club's owner saw the interview he cancelled Dawkins appearance because the "owner did not wish to associate with individuals such as Dawkins, or his philosophies." (Dawkins is one of those scary atheists, oh, nooooooo) Hmmm, doesn't say much for the level of intellectualism of Bill fans - but then as fans of Bill, we really can't expect anything different, can we?

This club, however, did provide a venue for right wing anti-choice and anti-labor Catholic priest Robert Sirico, who is president of the right wing "Acton Insitute." The group that had arranged Dawkin's speaking engagement is saying that “It’s important to understand that discrimination based on a person’s religion—or lack thereof—is legally equivalent to discriminating against a person because of his or her race.” (Do they admit Jews?) Suffice to say, calls to the club have not been returned. Seriously folks, are Bill O'Reilly's Christian fans living in the dark ages? Is their Christianity that constrained that they are threatened by ideas that don't conform to their narrow, medieval ideology - which is, of course, the ideology of Bill O'Reilly whose show is, obviously, popular with those Christians whose minds have been sealed in a locked box!

And BTW, wouldn't ya think that the folks at the club would have googled Richard Dawkins before they settled the arrangement. In addition to being bigots, they're obviously not the brightest bulbs....


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