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Brian Kilmeade Supports Spying On Muslim Mosques Which "Some Say" Breed Terrorists

Reported by Priscilla - October 11, 2011 -

As part of the "Islamophobia Network," described in the Center for American Progress report "Fear Inc," Fox "News" does love to play the fear of radical Islam card. The report also cites Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim and founder of a website devoted to fighting "Islamofascism," as a "validator" in that his claim to have inside knowledge of radical Islam allows him to "validate and authenticate manufactured myths about Muslims and Islam." This morning, Fox & Friends brought in Jasser for a discussion about the American mosque where Islamic radical Anwar al Awlaki worshipped. According to the chums on the curvy couch, "some say" it should be closed because "some say" it's creating terrorists. The "some" appear to be Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, and all the other Islamophobes cited in "Fear Inc." as they have all called for the closure of this mosque. While Jasser didn't agree with the "some," the official Fox News message that was conveyed, in this "Safe at Home" segment, was that this Fall Church VA mosque might be a place where those evil "Mooselims" are being radicalized and should be closed. Jasser also got to bray about the dangers of Islamic radicalization. And as Brian Kilmeade so astutely suggested, it could be happening at any and all mosques. Are ya scared yet?

Gretchen Carlson introduced the segment by saying that "US born terror leader Anwar al Awlaki may be dead; but the mosque where he once served as Imam, in the United States, is still open and some are calling it a breeding ground for terrorists." Notice that she didn't admit that Awlaki was taken out by President Obama. Notice that she didn't ID the "some." (Hey Gretch, it ain't rocket science to find out who the "some" are.) While she spoke, the Cavuto marked chyron framed the Fox message: "Breeding Ground for Terror, "Some Say Mosque With Awlaki Ties Should Close." Gretchen asked "Should the government shut it down." In introducing Jasser, Kilmeade said that he was a "heck of a columnist." (Jasser writes occasional columns for Fox News and the NY Post). While Jasser suggested that Awlaki was radicalized at this mosque, he didn't advocate shutting down the mosque because "we will lose the war of ideas." The agitprop chyron was a Fox "fact" - "Mosque Under National Scrutiny, Fort Hood Shooter Also Worshipped There." Reality - The only "scrutiny" is by the Islamophobia Network and now Fox "News." Without any concern for First Amendment protections and whether the government has the right to shut down a place of worship, Jasser did say that if mosques are advocating violence they should be shut down but as that fuels more radicalization, it isn't really practical.

Brian Kilmeade then gave the Fox seal of approval to the very controversial issue of the NYPD "conducting sweeping surveillance on Muslims mosques, schools, student groups and non-governmental organizations." He said "I would like to know that they're doing in Virginia what they're doing what they're doing with the NYPD. Making an extra effort to finding out what's going on in that mosque." Jasser agreed and credited Fox with "paying attention to radicalization." He accused the Obama administration, in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood, of blocking his appointment to a government commission because they're "hiding something." As he spoke, the chyron wrapped up the Islamopobic agitprop in a nice red, white and blue ribbon: "Preaching Islamic Supremacy, Mosque With Awlaki Ties Remains Open."

Comment: Good thing Fox & Friends is an opinion show because this segment was not exactly fair & balanced. It was, however, the kind of blatant Islamophobic propaganda which earned Fox News its mention in "Fear, Inc." Not only did they smear the law abiding Muslims, many of whom were glad that Awlaki is gone, but Kilmeade presented the surveillance of Muslims as a good thing. The program he referenced is "under scrutiny." Since 9-11, the NYPD has been infiltrating the local Muslim communities and colleges where there are Muslim students and professors. In turning over student records, laws governing privacy might have been broken. The legality of this surveillance is being questioned and the City Council recently held a hearing on the matter. Some of those spied on were clerics who denounced terrorism. The CIA is investigating whether it broke the law when it cooperated with police. You didn't hear any of that from Kilmeade.

Golly gee, the accused Norwegian mass murderer was a fan of Islamophobe Pam Geller's writings. She even expressed some sympathy for his cause. Should her blog be shut down? Several homicidal nut cases, who were arrested while on their way to murder liberals, were Glenn Beck fans. Fox News is still open. Recently, a Wisconsin anti-choice Catholic was on his way to shoot staff at Planned Parenthoods. Should his parish be investigated and his church closed? Funny, on Fox & Friends there's a steady stream of persecuted Christians who say that government is violating their rights. But when Muslim rights are violated, who cares - certainly not Fox & Friends!


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