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Fox & Friends Gets To The Bottom Of The Occupy Wall Street Appeal: Free Food!

Reported by Ellen - October 10, 2011 -

Yup, according to Steve Doocy, the protesters are downtown for smoked salmon and other free food. That is, when they’re not there to hide out from the law. But Gretchen Carlson kept it “fair and balanced” with her comment, after noting the “cherub face” of a child near those criminal protesters, “A lot of parents who are activists are bringing their children to these events, and they’re camping out with them and… I don’t know, leave it up to you what you think about that.” As she spoke, a banner on the lower third of the screen read, “LAWBREAKERS AT PROTESTS.”

Of course, you can find lots and lots of lawbreakers right there on Fox News but they're the "right" kind.

H/T Greg Mitchell, video via Media Matters.

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