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Fox News “Cost Of Freedom” Guest: We Need More Hunger In America!

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 9, 2011 -

By Brian
Fox News’ “Cost of Freedom” show, Bulls and Bears, managed to make Marie Antoinette look like a humanitarian yesterday (10/8/11) as first the panelists talked up the benefits of ruthless capitalism and then another panelist complained, “In America, people are not hungry anymore because the government is subsidizing them… that's the problem."

The discussion was about how Steve Jobs built Apple - supposedly without government help, though guest Stephane Fitch pointed out many ways the government helped Apple indirectly: by enforcing patents, its antitrust lawsuit against competitor Microsoft, buying computers from Apple, etc.,

Regular panelist Gary B. Smith argued for ruthlessness. “Most of the great successes of this country – product wise, service wise – came from not only business people unfettered by the government but ruthless businesspeople.” He cited Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Disney. Then, noting the success of our defense industry, he added, “Why? Because we have ruthless contractors out there that are coming up with this innovative product so they can make millions of dollars. It has nothing to do with government mandates.”

“More ruthless capitalism!” said brother Tobin Smith.

Guest Todd Schoenberger said this:

"Here was a man (Jobs) who was hungry. Here was a guy who actually grew up poor. He would have to take sodas to soda bottlers to take the deposit money to go feed himself. This was a guy that clearly, when he had a government out of the way, but he had to take that innovation because he was hungry. Edison, the Wright brothers, everybody that Gary B. was talking about, that’s because people are hungry. In America, people are not hungry anymore because the government is subsidizing them Stephane, that's the problem."

Sadly, Schoenberger is wrong about a lack of hunger in America. In 2010, almost 49 million people lived in food insecure households. Hunger is here.

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