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"Concerned Woman For America," Penny Nance, Loves Men But Wants Them To Grow Up

Reported by Priscilla - October 9, 2011 -

Bill Bennett, former "Drug Czar" in the Bush I administration (What What, Obama isn't the only president with "czars") and general moral scold, has written a book bemoaning how American men are becoming like Peter Pan in that they don't want to grow up and be responsible members of the patriarchy. The very patriarchal Bennett has been forced to admit that today's American women are better educated and better able to take care of themselves than in past generation's which, in turn, encourages young men to take to their TV's and video games because (sniff, sniff) they're neither wanted nor needed. This is also of concern to Fox fave and general scold Penny Nance, head of "Concerned Women of America," an uber right wing group of moral scolds who want to role back abortion rights and fight gay marriage which they see as the end of American family life as we know it. Jesus BFF Nance, who prayed at Rick Perry's prayer rally, recently wrote an article for the Fox News website in which she decried those nasty folks at Google who are just so disrespectful to her homophobic pal Rick Santorum whose google search brings up a sex act (Ewwww). And this morning, sweet lil southern stay at home mom Penny was on Fox & Friends to tell those young men to grow up.

Nance described her organization as "the biggest public policy organization" in the country and "they love men;" but they want them to "put down the remote" and "get their education" to "build their faith and character" presumably so that things can be like in the good old days when daddy was the king of the household. She then cited a percentage for out of wedlock births and, in response to a question of when this irresponsibility started, claimed that it was the 60's (Oh, those dirty f'n hippies with their free love) with its "mixed messages" about men's roles. (The demise of the white, male, Christian power structure that Bill O'Reilly bemoans?) According to sweet lil Penny, this was when men began to be considered non-essential. She pontificated that "we need them, all the social science together points to the fact that dads are essential in the home and in the family." She said that men need to learn to provide (ah, just like in the good old days when daddy was the breadwinner and mommy stayed home making bread and babies while draining the Chivas) and that "popular culture is crying out for this" as evidenced by the Christian movie "Courageous" that "everyone is going to see." Showing her patriotic love of men in uniforms, she concluded with a "shout out" to men in the military.

Comment: It might be raining men in Nance's world; but it's not raining data which indicates that it's the "quality of parenting that matters not gender;" but that doesn't square with the right wing "traditional" views of the CWA. In fact, it appears that two lesbian parents offer the best environment for child rearing. But Nance thinks that guys should grow up. Moi, I think that Penny Nance should STFUp.

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