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Romney "Attacker" Is Former Fox & Friends Friend

Reported by Priscilla - October 8, 2011 -

The lede on the Fox News website is "Romney's Faith Gets Attacked Again." It refers to a Baptist preacher who, in support of GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, says that Mormonism is a "cult." In other words, according to Texas megachurch Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress, Mitt Romney ain't no friend of Jesus. But Pastor Jeffress is a friend of Fox & Friends. Back during the annual Fox "News" "war on Christimas, Pastor Jeffress told a very receptive Gretchen Carlsona about his website that listed companies that don't say Merry Christmas - the idea being that you take your shopping elsewhere. In April, he spoke to the Christian pals on the curvy couch to say that President Obama is a secret Muslim which, according to Pastor Jeffress, is a religion based on pedophilia. But friendship on Fox is a transitory and fickle thing. Now that Jeffress said that presidential candidate Mitt Rommey's Mormonism is a cult, the worm has turned and his beloved Fox News is accusing him of "attacking" Romney's "faith." Course this is the same network that attacked Obama's connection to Rev. Wright and continues, with the help of its hired Catholic priest, Fr. Morris, to attack Obama's faith or lack of. It's a complex world.


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