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Bill O’Reilly Suggests Gay Marriage Leads To Polygamy

Reported by Ellen - October 8, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly hosted a polygamous, Mormon family hoping to “decriminalize” polygamy on The Factor last night (10/7/11). The family’s view - and they've got a new book out about it - is that it’s part of their religion. O’Reilly’s view was that somehow this was wrought by the legalization of gay marriage in some states. And it wasn’t just O’Reilly pushing that meme. FoxNews.com called its video of the segment, Polygamists Want Equal Marriage Rights and described it by saying, “With gay marriage becoming more accepted, polygamists want the treatment.” Actually, that was not what the family was asking for but why quibble over facts when you can make political hay out of a story?

O’Reilly pretty much set the tone by putting the segment under his “Unresolved Problems” banner. He introduced it by saying, “According to most polls, gay marriage is becoming increasingly accepted by Americans and a number of states have already legalized it, as you know. Now, we said years ago that if the country eventually permits gay marriage everywhere, then other groups will want the same treatment.”

Co-Author and co-wife Alina Darger immediately explained that the analogy is not apt because “What we’re trying to do is get it decriminalized so we’re not asking for a state marriage license.”

Not good enough for O’Reilly. He tried to coax her into his meme by asking if she thought she had “the right to participate in a polygamous marriage, should it be legal?”

The two Mrs. Dargers on the air reiterated the call for decriminalization, as opposed to legalization. As one of the wives said, legalization “would open up a lot different things.”

The elder Mrs. Darger said she wanted the right “to be left alone and put our family together the way we believe in and as our conscience dictates.”

But O’Reilly could not leave the domino theory alone. “Do you understand,” he asked one of the wives, “why some people say, ‘Look, all of these alternative – I think that’s a fair word, OK? – all these alternative arrangements, they’re really eroding the traditional American family.” He cited the collapse of the family “in many areas, children being born out of wedlock and all of this business.” Then, somehow tying that directly to the Dargers, he asked, “Do you understand how people would look askance at you?”

Yes, she did but she said she thought that if people understood what a loving family they were, they’d see it differently.

But O’Reilly had moved on and began questioning whether the family wasn't akin to the free love and Woodstock crowd.

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