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Ailes And Murdoch Acknowledge Fox News’ Bias

Reported by Ellen - October 8, 2011 -

Despite all the self-congratulating over 15 years of “fair and balanced,” Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch openly admitted Fox News was created for and geared toward conservatives when the two honchos dropped by Fox & Friends' Curvy Couch yesterday (10/7/11). Also, while nobody had the bad manners to bring up a little scandal having to do with phone hacking that’s racking Fox’s parent company, Murdoch made a point of saying that he enjoys being involved in controversies. In that case, the next 15 years look like a blast!

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Murdoch, “What made you think that this whole thing would work?”

“I just had a hunch,” Murdoch said, “that, you know, there was room for another point of view and another service. I don’t like monopolies when I see them. (Ailes quipped, “Unless you own ‘em.”) We like to give people a choice.

Whoa. Let’s stop right there because there was a whole lot of admittin’ going on in those few seconds. First, Murdoch acknowledged, not unlike Ailes and host Chris Wallace before him, that Fox has a point of view and that it’s different from the rest of the so-called liberal media. For Fox to be a different choice means it has to be conservative.

But Ailes’ little joke suggests that he (and Murdoch) don’t give a fig about choice or balance or monopolies – so long as they’re in control.

Host Steve Doocy came up with his own hint that Fox is slanted. He said to Ailes, “You had done some research before things kicked off and you realized that there was a vast audience out there that was not being served.”

Ailes responded by saying the research was his own experience in talking to people. “It was very clear they were only getting one perspective of the news.” Then, borrowing a quip from Charles Krauthammer, Ailes said they found “a secret niche” of half the American population that was being underserved.

So once again, Fox is describing itself as the counterweight to liberal media – or to put it another way, created for the segment of Americans that are conservative. Of course, I’d argue that it’s not just conservative but an unofficial arm of the Republican Party. But I digress.

Host Gretchen Carlson asked Murdoch if he cared about the critics of Fox News.

No. “I’m proud of Fox News,” Murdoch said. Then, he added, “If you’re in media and you get into controversies, you’ve got to take it, just as you give it out. It’s fun.”

Well, at least he’s not whining about liberal meanies like all those other GOP Special Victims at Fox News.

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