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Hannity Promotes Herman Cain’s Unfounded Conspiracy Theory That Occupy Wall Street Protests Are A Democratic Plot

Reported by Ellen - October 7, 2011 -

One day after Bill O’Reilly came up with his interesting – uh, theory – that the Occupy Wall Street protests are a George Soros plot, Sean Hannity suggested that they’re really a Democratic/Obama plot. Hannity got his – uh, theory – from the baseless accusation made by Herman Cain who admitted he had no facts to back it up. This, during the same show in which the live audience had cheered at the accusation that President Obama is a “bigger disaster for the country than 9/11.” So how did guest “Democratic Strategist” Joe Trippi handle this hate mongering? By ignoring the 9/11 comment and arguing that the protesters don’t like Obama either. Way to go, Joe! No wonder you’re a Hannity fave.

Hannity began the "Great American Panel" discussion by saying that candidate Herman Cain said “something interesting” when he called the protests a distraction.

What Hannity forgot to mention is that Cain also included the ludicrously discrediting statement, “I don’t have facts to back this up.”

But did Trippi mention that? No. After another “Great American Panel” member enthusiastically agreed with Cain (and Hannity), Trippi said, “A lot of those people down there are just as upset at Obama as they were at Bush for bailing out Wall Street. No one’s helped the American people.” Trippi went on to say that he, too, is upset with Obama on this.

It wasn’t until Hannity demanded Trippi grade Obama that he finally allowed as how “with what he got handed, the guy’s done a pretty good job.”

Is Trippi just stunningly incompetent? Does he truly believe he helped Democrats by bringing up a new set of criticisms against Obama (and then damning him with faint praise)? Or is Trippi a suck up to a GOP-agenda paycheck? I report, you decide.

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