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Hannity Crowd Cheers As Neal Boortz Calls Obama “A Bigger Disaster To This Country Than 9/11”

Reported by Ellen - October 7, 2011 -

Once again, Special GOP Victim Sean Hannity – so upset over harsh rhetoric coming from the left – proved himself a complete and utter hypocrite. And a purveyor of hate worse than anything he’s ever complained about from the other side. The latest case in point was the special 15th anniversary Hannity show last night (10/6/11) in which Hannity hosted his old hate-mongering pal Neal Boortz (but excluded his 12-year co-host, Alan Colmes). Boortz “celebrated” by telling Hannity and the live audience that President Obama is “a bigger disaster to this country than 9/11.” The audience cheered the pronouncement. And Hannity? He had no complaints. Neither did the other guest, that uber-patriot Oliver North.

Boortz wasn’t done smearing the president. After the crowd stopped cheering his 9/11 comment, he said, “If you took the phrase ‘fair share,’ ‘millionaires and billionaires,’ and ‘pass this bill’ out of his vocabulary, he would be unable to deliver a speech."

That really got the crowd going.

Hannity responded with a mild challenge but it was also a cue for Boortz to do more smearing: “Wait, what do you mean he's more disastrous than 9/11? We lost 3,000 lives.”

Boortz didn’t hesitate. “The American people developed a fighting spirit after 9/11 and we responded. We went back after them and if allowed to, the defeat would be total. But Barack Obama, what he has done to our economy, what he has done to the American spirit of individual responsibility and self-reliance. Killing 3,000 people is a tragedy, Sean. It is a real tragedy. But killing the individualism, the self-reliance, and the self-respect of the American people, like Barack Obama has done, is much more of a tragedy.”

The crowd cheered again.

Hannity ended the segment then and never commented further on such an outrageous remark.

If you're like me, you immediately wondered what kind of military service a "fighting spirit" like Boortz must have rendered for his country. What? The answer is... none!. In fact, Boortz had an opportunity to demonstrate that fighting spirit in Viet Nam and declined - and then lied about it.

Video via Media Matters.

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