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What Shannon Bream Didn't Say About Christian TX Anti-Gay Student & His "Punishment"

Reported by Priscilla - October 5, 2011 -

As Jon Stuart noted, "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished." Much of the victimization involves godly Christian kids who are being victimized by the evil, librul secular school system. Last week, Fox News featured a lede, for almost the entire day, about how a good Christian student was "punished for saying that homosexuality is wrong." Fox reported that a Christian Texas high school student, Dakota Ary, was suspended for telling a fellow student, in German class, that homosexuality is wrong. He was suspended for a couple of days but his story went viral in the Christian world. Aiding and abetting the "outrage" was Fox News which had, as an accompaniment to their story, a video of from a local Fox affiliate. Fox Nation also had a thread which elicited the usual knuckle dragging homphobia which must have been really bad cuz the thread was shut down. Over the week-end, on a Fox "news" show, Shannon Bream had a report on the story which featured the young, aggrieved Christian. Despite this being a "news" show, Ms. Bream didn't report subsequent details which provide added perspective on the story - details that include the teacher's version of the incident which focus on some homophobic activity, on the part of Ary and his pals, that has been directed toward the teacher who is gay. But given that homophobia is a Christian "family value" in the Fox audience, one can understand why this segment wasn't "fair & balanced."

Dakota Ary claims that during a discussion of religion and homosexuality in Germany, he turned to his friend and said that he was a Christian who believed that homosexuality is wrong. He was briefly suspended; but his suspension was rescinded so he could play football. His attorney, Matt Krause, from the Christian right wing Liberty Institute claimed that the teacher, pushes homosexual topics in class. Krause also claimed that the teacher is on leave with pay. Ary will be returning to class. So it seems that, other than his mother wanting an apology from the school, the case is closed other than the death threats that the teacher is receiving. But to make sure that those threats keep on coming, Shannon Bream featured the kid and his family on Sunday.

Ary claimed that when somebody in the class asked about views on homosexuals in Germany, he told his friend that as a Christian, he believed homosexuality is wrong. Bream noted that the teacher "wrote him up" and sent him to the principle's office because he felt that the statement constituted bullying. Krause said that Ary was suspended for a "non hostile belief statement." He didn't note that the suspension was rescinded. Krause presented the case as one about free speech. Ary's mother said that the teacher had put a picture on the wall of two men kissing and because it made him uncomfortable, he tore it down. After his suspension, she said she felt that "something was not right." But she added that she told her son to be respectful of the teacher as long as he remains on topic. Bream asked Krause about the problem of gay bullying. Krause claimed that Ary's comment wasn't bullying.

Comment: The teacher can't comment on the incident while it's being investigated so only one side of the story is being told by Fox. But according to those who spoke with him and several students who corroborated what he said, Ary and several other students have been involved in several instances of anti-gay harassment. The photo which Ary's mother referenced was part of a "word wall" of photos from German magazines. In addition to the photo being destroyed, the anti-gay students have been speaking out in class against homosexuality even when it isn't being discussed. The teacher claims that this topic was not broached on the day of the incident as the discussion was about whether, in Germany, the Bible was read in English. He alleges that Ary declared to the class "Gays can't be Christians because homosexuality is wrong" while looking directly at the gay teacher. In other words - an out of context homophobic outburst.

While there are two sides to every story, you didn't get them on this alleged "fair & balanced" "news" report.

Note - According to reports published on 9/30, the teacher has been reinstated despite Krause's claim that he's on leave. He has also been cleared of all allegations This Fox report was done on Sunday 10/2.

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