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Neil Cavuto Whines About Occupy Wall Street Coverage

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 5, 2011 -

By Brian

With the Occupy Wall Street protests going full steam ahead, methinks Fox News is getting a little worried. Never mind that Fox relentlessly covered and promoted the Tea Party protests. The “fair and balanced” network thinks the OWS protests are getting covered too favorably. So Cavuto trotted out a guest to accuse the OWS protesters of being un-American.

Cavuto’s guest for the segment yesterday (10/4/11) was Mark Meckler, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots. Cavuto began by inciting Meckler. "These Wall Street protestors are all but rock stars. A lot of you tea party guys were all but just rocks-in-your-head stars."

Not surprisingly, Meckler agreed. "That's true, Neil ,and it just indicates the continuing bias of the mainstream or the left wing media primarily… When we had 850 tea parties around the country they didn't cover us and when they did begin to cover us, we were radicals, astroturf, terrorists, racists. Now these folks actually break the law, and they become rock stars."

Cavuto said, "It's kind of weird. If you're going to mock one you might as well mock the other. If you're going to praise one, you might as well at least see the virtues in the other, but this has become... part of a larger movement… Your larger movement was deemed kind of nutty. These movements are deemed a societal flashpoint."

"These people are not …law abiding citizens,” Meckler accused. They're camping in a park where camping isn't allowed. They're breaking the laws on the Brooklyn Bridge. That's not Tea Party behavior. That's not America-loving behavior."

Did Cavuto mind that slur? Not at all. "I see where this is going. If these protests… get bigger, larger, they’re more meaningful, they’re more speaking to the ills of society, not Tea Party protests that well, we don't know what they're speaking too."

Meckler agreed. “That'll be the continuing meme, but these memes fail with the American public. If you talk to average folks in America, the vast majority don't relate to law-breaking folks." His parting shot was that the message would not “resonate” with most Americans.

Media Matters has more about Fox News’ www.mediamatters.org/research/201110030017 for Faux's double standard in covering both protests.

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