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Hannity Teams Up With Discredited J. Christian Adams To Paint Obama As BFF's With New Black Panthers

Reported by Ellen - October 5, 2011 -

I have a feeling that Sean Hannity must have been the first person to buy J. Christian Adams' new book. Why? Because even though Adams' accusations of racial bias in the Obama Department of Justice have been debunked, his new book out goes through it all over again and with more racial accusations. I doubt there's anything race-baiting Hannity would like better than another excuse to race bait against President Obama - while pretending that white people are the ones being discriminated against. It's one of Hannity's favorite memes. So last night, Hannity didn't just unquestioningly welcome Adams' discredited claims that the DOJ dismissed charges against some New Black Panther Party members because of racial preference for black people, Hannity used it to smear President Obama, too, for “sharing a podium” with NBPP head Malik Shabazz. The only problem? While Obama and Shabazz only happened to meet up at the same function – Shabazz was an invited guest many times on Hannity's own TV show.

It just can't be repeated too often how deeply troubling Hannity's record on race is. Besides taking a stand for segregation recently (and trying to paint the Obama DOJ as black racists for pushing integration in Westchester County), Hannity pals around with guys like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who announced on Hannity's show that most blacks in Tennessee are racists. Rather than challenge the comment, Hannity stifled his other guest when he tried to object. Hannity is also the guy who once palled around with a white supremacist. Check out Brave New Films' video, Fox Attacks Black America (which I was proud to contribute to), below, for some other examples of Hannity's race-baiting.

Adams, you may recall, is the ex-DOJ employee whose allegation that Attorney General Eric Holder failed to prosecute a couple of thuggish New Black Panther Party members for voter intimidation because of Holder's own racial bias toward black people was much ballyhooed by Fox in the summer of 2010. What Adams always failed to mention – and Hannity didn't either – is that no voters at all in the predominantly black precinct ever came forward to allege intimidation. The complaints came from white Republican poll watchers, who have given no evidence they were registered to vote in that precinct. You can read about this case in an excellent post on the Main Justice website. Despite lavishing 95 segments and more than eight hours of airtime to the New Black Panther Party "controversy," Fox News only gave 88 seconds to the results of the report that debunked it.

Just as when Adams appeared on Fox & Friends earlier in the day, it never got mentioned on Hannity that an investigation found “no evidence to support (Adams') allegations” that either race or other improper or political considerations played a factor, that the DOJ’s decisions were founded on “a good faith assessment of the law and the facts of the case and had a reasonable basis.”

Furthermore, Adams is a Republican operative who, as Main Justice noted, was hired by the Bush administration “in the Civil Rights Division Voting Section under a process the DOJ Inspector General later determined was improperly influenced by politics." That was another point that Hannity failed to mention on "we report, you decide" Fox News.

Nevertheless, Hannity ate up every one of Adams' accusations and even added a few of his own.

“Very well researched book,” Hannity announced at the beginning of the interview. However, it was clear Hannity either had done no fact-checking or else had ignored the facts as he delcared the NBPP behavior was “obviously a form of intimidation.”

Adams told Hannity that “everybody knows” that the Holder DOJ is politicized but “what they don't realize” is that parts of the DOJ, particularly the Civil Rights Division have “become radicalized.” Adams went on to make some dubious claims, including an accusation that the Obama DOJ allowed the results of an illegal election to stand because “the right race” (and we know what he meant by that) won.

Hannity didn't ask for any details. The racial accusations were as good as fact for him. Instead, he probed for more definitive race-baiting. “You used the term 'racialist' in the book,” he prodded. “Why do you use that term?”

Adams generously allowed that “racialist” means taking actions based on race, not that “they have hate in their hearts.” But “race is a tool for the people who are now in the Civil Rights Division. Then he went on to accuse the DOJ of, basically, enabling voter fraud because of race.

Next, Hannity brought up Shabazz. Noting that Obama appeared at a rally with Shabazz in March, 2007, Hannity seemed to think that was somehow relevant to his own interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright in that year and his “investigation” into Obama's “black liberation theology” religion and what he considered his own “great investigative reporting.”

Oh, did he mean like his bogus attempts to link Obama to Fox News' black uber-boogeyman Louis Farrakhan?

Adams went on to tell about how Obama went to Selma “with” the Obama-supporting New Black Panther Party. Adams said accusingly that afterward, Obama “share(d) a podium” with Shabazz.

Adams made it sound as though it was some kind of joint appearance. In fact, it was nothing more than a chance encounter. As Media Matters wrote: It wasn't Obama's event. It wasn't the Panthers' event. They were all in Selma for an annual celebration of an historic civil rights moment. During that event, Obama and New Black Panthers leader Malik Zulu Shabazz gave speeches from the same podium, and both were part of the crowd that then marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Sean Hannity's associations with Shabazz, on the other hand, were a joint apperance and the result of a direct invitation to appear on Hannity's television show. Interestingly, Shabazz has not been back on since he noted Hannity's association with white supremacist Hal Turner. But before then, Hannity repeatedly welcomed Shabazz (who has also appeared on Fox News with Geraldo Rivera and with Hannity sub Michelle Malkin).

Hannity ignored all those, far more intimate associations with Shabazz as he trumped up a connection between Obama and Shabazz. “In March of 2007, he's sharing a podium with the radical head of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz.”

Adams showed a photo of Obama in a huge crowd, with Shabazz behind him, as if that proved their association.

“And you have other people holding up the black power sign,” Hannity added.

Then they moved on to accusing Eric Holder of being “black first, Attorney General second.” The reason? Holder carries a quote in his wallet saying that a black US Attorney has common cause with a black criminal.

I'd call that a reminder to have empathy but to guys like Hannity and Adams, it's evidence of racial bias.

“This opened my eyes a lot,” Hannity said at the conclusion of the interview, “and if anything it reaffirmed a lot of opinions, sadly, that I had about certain members of the administration.”

So since he's so concerned about racial associations, take a listen to Hal Turner, the guy Hannity used to pal around with. Then, you can contact Hannity with your comments at hannity@foxnews.com.

By the way, Turner is currently in jail serving a 33-month sentence for threatening three federal judges.

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