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Hannity Pimps Palin’s Pretend 2012 Candidacy

Reported by Ellen - October 5, 2011 -

The only 2012 so-called candidacy less likely than Chris Christie’s is Sarah Palin’s. But now that Christie is absolutely, positively not running (as opposed to obviously not running), Sean Hannity threw out Palin’s name in a discussion and asked, “Is it possible Governor Palin could get in?” As if everyone didn’t already know the answer.

Guests Dana Perino and Stuart Varney made it clear they don’t think she’s a viable candidate. “There’s not a groundswell of support,” Perino said when Hannity brought up Palin.

“I gotta tell you, she’s a rock star,” Hannity said. With certain people, yes. With most Americans? Absolutely not. In fact, even most Republicans think she should not run.

“Republicans want a winner,” Varney said, “and I think there are severe doubts as to whether Governor Palin could win.”

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