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Fox News Website Features Another Persecuted Christian

Reported by Priscilla - October 5, 2011 -

Once again Jon Stewart is proven right about the genius of Fox News and victimized conservatives, espcially those who are Christian and who are anti-gay. I guess Roger Ailes gets frequent flyer miles on his ticket to heaven because for the second week in a row we have a secondary lede story about yet another persecuted Christian who is anti-gay. In this case, it's a Michigan graduate student who was dismissed from her counseling job at the university after she refused to counsel a gay student. Meanwhile, a Tennessee high school student has alleged that his school principle assaulted him for wearing a tee shirt in support of establishing a gay/straight alliance at the school - something the school has forbidden. Wonder if we'll see anything about that on the "fair & balanced" Fox "News." Nah....


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