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In Honor Of His Retirement, Fox News Trashes 92 Year-Old Andy Rooney

Reported by Ellen - October 4, 2011 -

92 year-old Andy Rooney signed off from CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday – and Fox News covered it by taking potshots at him. Bernard Goldberg appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and told an unflattering anecdote about Rooney in which he supposedly acknowledged liberal bias in the media and then supposedly caved to corporate pressure and walked it back. FoxNews.com called the segment, “Was Andy Rooney Good For America?” Why would you ask such a question if not to raise doubt? And why would anyone feel the need to cast doubt on a guy like Rooney – who, after all, was not particularly controversial – except out of maliciousness?

During the discussion with Goldberg, Bill O’Reilly defended Rooney’s actions toward Goldberg. But O’Reilly told his own somewhat derogatory story about Rooney telling him he’d never make it. And in a teaser for the segment, O’Reilly “asked,” if it was “a good or a bad thing” that Rooney was now “gone from TV.”


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