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How Ugly Will Be The Sarah Palin-Fox News Break Up and How Soon?

Reported by Aunty Em - October 3, 2011 -

A recent headline at Crooks and Liars was guaranteed to catch my attention: “Palin Now Feuding With Juan Williams and Megyn Kelly,” written by Tina Dupuy. It’s similar to some of what we do here at News Hounds: it’s a few words to introduce a video clip, in this case one of Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC. However, it dovetails nicely with a hilarious and insightful post on Depuy’s blog I read about a year ago titled “Sarah Palin: America’s Full-Time Professional Duelist” in which she pegged The Quitter From Wasilla better than anyone else has, before or since: “In fact, Palin is now our nation’s only full-time professional duelist. She fights with everyone. Her entire post-quitting career is centered on flame wars, most of which she starts. They are often petty, sanctimonious, trumped-up jabs which do nothing but make the media talk about her more. And she’s monetized the drama. She’s gone pro. Yes, she’s found the formula Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian pioneered: shameless and shallow sells.” Written eleven months ago, nothing Sarah Palin has done or said has changed that impression. All Dupuy has had to do is maintain her “Sarah Palin’s Enemies List,” a compendium of all the feuds (whether one-sided or not) that Palin has engaged in since she left Alaska in the lurch. That list now stands at 92 and, amazingly, has grown by two since I began this article!!! The O’Donnell clip is about Palin’s feuds with Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams, coming in on Dupuy’s list at numbers 89 and 90 respectively. Palin using Fox “News” to engage in her petty feuds is nothing new. What is new, however, is that her feuds are now with other Fox “News” personalities. Watch:

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What’s really bothering Palin is that she’s no longer being given a pass by Williams and Kelly. Previously her colleagues on The Five admitted to going easy on her so they’re not uncomfortable if they happen to run into her in the hallway (which they tried to take back as a joke after the Blogosphere pointed out their hypocrisy). In fact Palin actually told Judge Napalitano, “I think it’s nasty when a colleague [Williams] takes a shot [at me] when they don’t know what they’re talking about.” She told Greta Van Susteren, that Megyn Kelly was pushing misinformation when, in fact, Kelly accurately summed up a recent political poll that had Palin at the bottom. Increasingly Palin is being shown as the lead character in a modern day remake of “The Empress Has No Clothes If She Ever Did.” O’Donnell notes that Palin is on very “thin ice” over at Fox.

O’DONNELL: Roger Ailes knows how to protect his valuable talent. He wouldn’t be allowing Fox News to be getting all “fair and balanced” on Sarah Palin, even for a minute, if he cared about protecting Palin’s long-term value to the network. Roger Ailes has a very good feel for when the Fox News Players are moving from just being unfair and unbalanced to being utter absurdities. Just ask Glenn Beck.”

However, the Glenn Beck removal was done cleanly, with a minimum of bloodletting. At the end of October, when it’s revealed that Palin will not be a presidential candidate, her value to Fox “News” will be practically nil. With Fox “News” personalities already taking shots at Palin—and Palin already taking shots right back at some of the Foxers—a Palin-Fox feud seems likely. The biggest downside for Palin? She'll have to rely on other networks to spread her venom. If they refuse all she'll have left are her laughable facebook and Twitter blasts. If Fox "News" is the GOP Special Victims Unit, Sarah Palin is Captain of the precinct. Considering how quickly Palin creates a grudge, how long she holds them, and how the Palin-bots tend to respond to her enemies, this feud could get ugly fast. Pass the popcorn.