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Fox's Father Jonathan Morris Pals Around With Radical Right Ring Anti-Obama Preacher

Reported by Priscilla - October 3, 2011 -

The Christian right is heavily involved with the "Pulpit Initiative" that has been organized by the Alliance Defense Fund which is a 501(c) 3 devoted to "spreading the gospel" by fighting gay and reproductive rights and, of course, supporting persecuted Christians. The "Pulpit Initiative" is "an effort to get pastors to speak out on political issues and even endorse or oppose candidates during their sermons in a direct challenge to the IRS." Yesterday was "Pulpit Sunday" - No, not a liturgical holy day but a day during which right wing Christian pastors, in defiance of IRS rules regarding political endorsements (or non endorsements) by non-profits, endorse candidates. Obviously, for the Christian right, it's a way to secure a voting block for right wing candidates and, in their wildest wet dreams, defeat Obama. Fox News hasn't endorsed the pulpit initiative which Glenn Beck enthusiastically supports. But they do appear to be curious about it as shown by Father Jonathan's weekly Sunday homily during which he opined on the issue of preachers promoting politicians. It was interesting as the cute little padre did mention one of his good friends. As the saying goes, "you're known by the company you keep."

Yesterday, when asked about the Pulpit Sunday protest, Morrison said that he didn't think it was a good idea as it defies IRS rules about non profits role in politics. But he did say that clergy should "stand up for values" or as his "good friend James Robison says, it's what not who." He advocated for clergy to defend what they feel are issues of importance to Christians and gave, as an example, how clergy should preach against slavery if it was happening in this country. While his comment could be taken on face value, it also could be code talk about abortion as the anti-choice movement equates abortion with slavery. I don't know if this were the case; but as Morris is nobody's fool, I do believe that he knows his audience and knows which dog whistles they react to. Interestingly, the first comment on his Facebook page, about this Fox appearance, was "I wish more Catholics would have voted for a president that defended life. Instead we've got a man that is in favor of infanticide."

But what was even more interesting is Morris' friendship with James Robison, an evangelist, who was Mike Huckabee's mentor and who wants to "defeat the enemy." His plan dovetails nicely with that of the Republican right as he seeks to criminalize abortion, ban gay marriage, and "keep the free market free, healthy and under the influence of people who understand the importance of personal responsibility" while "dealing with excessive, foolish taxation." And just like Father Morris, he wants the church, not the government, to be in charge of public assistance. He organized a meeting of radical right wing leaders to strategize on how to defeat Obama in 2012.

Comment: As I said, interesting...

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