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Fox Nation Features Tupak Sex Tape While Ignoring Teabagger's Hooker Arrest

Reported by Priscilla - October 3, 2011 -

Fox Nation never wastes an opportunity to showcase what they feel are blacks behaving badly as it appeals to their racist readers who still hold to Jim Crow family values which feature the belief that blacks can't control themselves. Good Christian Republican whites who transgress are not seen on Fox Nation which, I guess, believes that said transgressions are just good Christian man needs. One of the lede "culture" threads on today's Fox Nation is a link to a TMZ article about a sex tape done by the deceased black rapper Tupac. Who cares? Tupac isn't a political figure like Steve Stevlic, head of the Chicago Tea Party whom right wing radio host Mark Levin referred to as "terrific." Information has surfaced about last Steve Stevlic's arrest, last year, for soliciting a prostitute. The charges were dropped after Stevlic agreed to go to a rehab program for "johns." As a result of the report, broken by Gawker, family values guy Stevlic didn't show up at a big Illinois Tea Party conference which he helped organize. So far, there's nothing about it on Fox Nation and it's safe to that there never will be anything. Now do ya think if - say - Michael Moore were arrested for soliciting a prostitute that Fox Nation would ignore it?

And one more thing. Do check out the photo used to accompany this story on the "Chicagoist." I don't have permission to source it so I can't reproduce it. But it's priceless!!!

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