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Bill O'Reilly Advocates For Condemned Iranian Christian Pastor After Ignoring Troy Davis

Reported by Priscilla - October 3, 2011 -

Fox News, as the mouthpiece for the "right to life," provided lots of coverage for "Baby Joseph" whose cause was near and dear to those who profess to cherish life from the moment of conception. But for these "pro-life" folks, those who are post born and facing execution aren't held with the same reverence as fetuses and those in persistent vegetative states. The right to lifers weren't all that concerned about the execution of Troy Davis who was executed for a crime that, according to a number of legal experts, he might not have committed. The case garnered international attention. Even the Pope voiced his support for granting Mr. Davis a new trial. But Fox gave it little attention and what they gave was mostly in support of the execution. And now that a Christian pastor has been sentenced to death in Iran, Fox News seems quite concerned about that death penalty as shown in Bill O'Reilly's interview with defender of persecuted Christians, Fox fave Jay Sekulow and Fox's Catholic hired priest Father Jonathan Morris (the only clergy who is seen regularly) who was mum about the Davis execution. In the land of Fox, not all those facing execution are equal.

On Friday night's "Factor," Bill O'Reilly reported that a Christian pastor, in Iran, will probably be executed because he won't recant his belief in Jesus. His guests were Father Morris and Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice - a 501(C)3 which uses your tax dollars to fund a lavish lifestyle for himself and his family. (Meanwhile Fox complains about Media Matters' tax exemption?!) O'Reilly wanted to know if the world is doing enough to protect this man. Sekulow said that Secretary of State Clinton has only issued a tepid statement and that both Clinton and the UN should demand that Iran release this man because they're violating international law. Bill said that he'd like to "hear from the Pope on this" because as a world leader, the pope could appeal directly to the Iranians. He didn't mention the Pope's involvement in the Davis affair. Morris said that the Pope has recently made a dozen statement supporting human rights. He didn't mention the Pope's involvement in the Davis affair. Morris said that he has reached out to the Vatican but hasn't received a response. He suggested that the Pope might be working behind the scenes. The loofah loving and oh, so Catholic Bill exhorted the audience to "pray" that the Pope was intervening. He criticized Hillary Clinton for not making a stronger statement.

Morris expressed more sympathy for the "courageous" pastor and added that "we're losing our religion, in this country, because of a lack of courage." Sekulow got in the requisite be-scared-of-Sharia meme so popular on Fox when he referenced how this death penalty is in accordance with Sharia. He advocated for pressure to be put on the Iranians. Bill said that he will "stay on the story" and urged the State Department to do more.

Comment: O'Reilly didn't mention that President Obama has condemned Iran as the execution "crosses all bounds of decency and breaches Iran's own international obligations." And I don't believe that good "pro-life" Catholic Bill O'Reilly exhorted the state of Georgia to reconsider their execution of Troy Davis. The ACLJ wasn't, as far as I know, "spearheading", as they are in this case, "a media blitz." The self proclaimed "fair & balanced" O'Reilly could have had, as did MSNBC's Martin Bashir, a discussion with attorney Barry Scheck, of the "Innocence Project," about the wrongful executions of prisoners, many of them African Americans - but that might not fit with the Fox playbook chapter on race. Just saying... And Davis wasn't holding the get out of jail Jesus card that endears this pastor to Fox News which is quite selective about its advocacy, praise the lord!


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