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No FEMA? No Problem On Fox News

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 2, 2011 -

By Brian

On Cashin’ In yesterday (10/1/11), the panel discussed FEMA finding extra money and thereby averting a government shutdown. Regular panelist and Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig said, "Truth is, is that we don't need FEMA. You talk like it's an integral part of the Constitution, it’s not." Host Cheryl Casone didn’t challenge that radical suggestion.

Democratic guest Jehmu Greene did push back. She said, "Ask the residents of Joplin, Missouri about that."

Not only did Hoenig disagree, he seemed to relish the thought. “That’s the whole point,” he said. “If you believe that government’s role is to help people in need, we’re always going to have another bureaucracy. Their role is to protect individual rights and FEMA, the Smithsonian – all these other bureaucracies with their hands out – have no role in that at all.”

Casone sounded sympathetic as she said, "I think it goes back to a spending issue. The American taxpayer… is saying, ‘Hey, I can manage my budget at home, but you can't manage yours. You’re asking for more and more and more funding, enough is enough.’ And they’ve got a fair point, I think."

Later, she said, "You might as well get a pound of salt on potato chips if you want to get as bloated as the federal government right now."

Panelist Tracy Byrnes seemed to agree. "Our country is in so much debt, my kids are going to be living with me for the rest of their lives."

Do these people want any government service or program? I don't think so.

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