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If Fox Nation Is "For Those Opposed To Intolerance," What's Up With "Pig Maher?"

Reported by Priscilla - October 2, 2011 -

Bill Maher is a comedian who whose political satire is equal opportunity. His show is on HBO which is a pay for view channel. Yet, Fox Nation seems to have an obsession about him that belies the Fox Nation mission statement about being "opposed to intolerance." But inquiring minds want to know how the nomenclature of Bill Maher as "Pig Maher" (Incuding the most recent example, five times) comports with their commitment to "observing the rules of civility and mutual respect." Oh, right, as noted by News Corpse, Fox Nation is "bound by a confederacy of dunces" and in using the term "Pig Maher," they demonstrate what they think is "their maturity and devotion to ethical journalism." Now, I get it. Jon Stewart's description of the mentality on Fox & Friends can be applied to Fox Nation. "Seventh Grade Rules!"

Maher's recent transgression against the moral order, which is upheld so valiantly by Fox Nation, is captured in their recent headline: "Pig Maher Rick Perry So Dumb Republicans Are 'Even Considering Voting For a Black Guy'." Oh the horror, the horror. We all know that Republicans are very popular in the black community as seen in the large number of black Republicans in the House and Senate. We all know that Republicans are devoted to diversity. Certainly any Fox Nation thread about African American politicians and public figures just exudes the kind of racial harmony that MLK, Jr. could only dream of. Maher is just so wrong about their voting patterns. Actually, the above statements are only true in bizarro world. In the world of reality, blacks are not fond of today's GOP which opposes programs that help the black community. Republicans refer to the social safety net as "the democratic plantation" which suggests that blacks who are helped by these programs are lazy - a meme that harkens back to Jim Crow days. The GOP, as shown by coverage on Fox News, also has a problem with affirmative action which they see as discriminating against whites. (And they use cupcakes to prove it!)

But because Rick Perry isn't exactly the great white hope of the Republican Party, some GOPers could vote for a black man, Herman Cain. Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms are rolling over in their graves. It would be interesting if Cain is elected because the Fox Nation crowd might, in the "spirit of civility and mutual respect," have to tone down the racism. Given that racism is an intergral part of their "family values," that could cause some major cognitive dissonance in that they will be supporting their new Republican president but he's black and they hate blacks - conundrum alert! Possible neural system overload!!!

Anyway, can you imagine the Fox outrage if, on an MSNBC blog, the Fox "Red Eye" host was referred to as "Douchebag Gutfeld?!"


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