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On Fox & Friends: Dave Briggs Says Media Matters Abuses Tax Dollars

Reported by Priscilla - October 1, 2011 -

Fox & Friends is a program on Fox News, a network that claims to be "fair & balanced." But because it's officially an "opinion" show, it's exempt from the "fair & balanced" slogan which is on the Fox News logo. Thus, as an opinion show, it's a great platform for the unofficial views of Fox News as the "morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream." Much of Ailes' recent venom has been directed toward Media Matters for America which is a website that identifies and debunks right wing lies on Fox News (as well as other media). In that respect it's no different from "Newsbusters," a right wing site devoted to ferreting out liberal and anti-Christian bias, founded by Fox fave Brent Bozell's right wing "Media Research Center" which, like MMFA, is a tax supported 501(C)3. And that gets us to the crux of Fox News' source of agita. The honchos at Fox and, perhaps News Corps, glommed onto GOP activist C Boyden Gray's belief that MMFA is violating its tax exempt status. Since the publication of Gray's article in the right wing Washington Monthly, Fox News been on a *jihad against MMFA and its president, David Brock, who got a "diagnosis" from Fox's Dr Ablow. The Fox News hate site, Fox Nation, had, until recently, a prominent thread which linked to a complaint form that readers (ha!) could send to the IRS. And this morning, in case folks forgot about the evil MMFA, Fox friend Dave Briggs reminded us that MMFA is "abusing your tax dollars" which is clearly a Fox opinion and not a fact.

Weekend pal, Briggs, started off with Fox opinion disguised as fact: "Media Matters abusing your tax dollars." He reported a little of the history of the group and cited David Brock's quote about being "in a war to take down Fox News." (Of course Fox, is now on a war to take down MMFA). He noted that IRS complaints have been filed. (Oh, right the stuff done by Fox Nation residents covered in drool and Big Mac drippings?) He introduced his guest Tim Groseclose who was last seen on Fox & Friends where he promoted his book about the media's supposed left wing, Anti-Christian, and pro-Islam bias. (No bias there, nosirree). Briggs asked him what progress has been made on the IRS matter. As he didn't appear to have any information on that, he immediately launched into the requisite Fox agitprop message. He said that Brock's "war on Fox" doesn't sound like an educational activity which is what entitles them to 501(C)3 status. Groseclose said that it "sounds like" Brock is threatening mid level Fox employees and anyone thinking about working for Fox. Briggs claimed that "he heard" that MMFA "went" after his guest. Groseclose then whined that MMFA writer Eric Alterman wrote an article which accused him of "rigging the numbers" in an another Groseclose tome on libera media bias. (Awww) He continued to whine about how the criticism of his awesome book was a "personal attack" not "civil or decent" and that Alterman "should be ashamed."(Awww)

Comment: So rather than providing information on what's going on with the IRS matter, Groseclose provided nothing more than reinforcement of the Fox meme that MMFA's "attack" on Fox disqualifies it from tax exempt status followed by a personal whine about an MMFA writer who criticized him in 2006 - a whine which, coupled with Media Matter's so called "war on Fox," underscores Jon Stewart's comment about "conservative victimhood" being Fox's "true genius."

*Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here


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