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Hannity Disses Michael Jackson Trial Fans As “Losers”

Reported by Ellen - October 1, 2011 -

Sean Hannity is not just disinterested in the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s physician. He wants you to know that those who care a lot about it are “losers.” After sneering at what he obviously considered excessive media coverage, Hannity added contemptuously, “Where do people have time to go home at night, make posters… and then stand outside the courtroom all day? …They’re losers.” Of course, the Murray trial is nothing like when Hannity spent every night outside Terri Schiavo’s hospice with a bunch of people who had nothing better to do than hang around with him – with signs.

For those who have forgotten, Hannity spent night after night at Schiavo’s hospice – and never mind the privacy and peace of mind of the other residents or their family members – in order to interfere with a family dispute over removing her from life support. As the video below shows, Hannity continued focusing on the minutiae of the case even a year after Schiavo's death, as he defended one of the nurses on his side who was facing the loss of her license for talking about details of Schiavo’s condition on the air. You can see clips of Hannity talking to the nurse in front of a sea of people with posters about Schiavo.

In an earlier video, during the midst of the Schiavo controversy, Hannity’s then co-host, Alan Colmes, describes the crowd in respectful terms before asking a number of skeptical questions to another one of Hannity’s simpatico nurses. Hannity interrupts the questioning to prompt her how to respond as the two sat in front of a sea of hand-made posters at the hospice. You can watch the full video here, at Crooks and Liars. Some screen grabs are below.

Hannity also paid careful attention to the Casey Anthony trial and offered an impassioned, knowledgeable opinion on the verdict.

So why would a guy like Hannity champion the cases of Anthony and Schiavo – neither of whom had anything close to the iconic status of Michael Jackson – and dis Jackson fans who care about culpability in his death? I’m sure it has nothing to do with segregation-apologist Hannity’s very troubling record on race.

Many thanks to Crooks and Liars’ John Amato for his assistance with this post.



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