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Megyn Kelly Gives "Right To Life" Eulogy For "Baby Joseph"

Reported by Priscilla - September 30, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly might not have been referring, as I contended, to Fox News when he said "And that's why we fight so hard here for the rights of the unborn." But whom was O'Reilly referring to? Was he talking about himself? Was he talking about the country cuz his "we" certainly isn't me and a lot of others. Given that O'Reilly was speaking to another Fox employee, Megyn Kelly, the "here" would suggest Fox News. One thing is for sure. If he were referring to Fox, it's an accurate statement as the abortion coverage on Fox "News" has does have an anti-choice tilt which reached a fevered pitch in O'Reilly's relentless campaign, never disavowed by Fox, against an abortion doctor who was assassinated by somebody who shares O'Reilly's anti-choice views. The "Baby Joseph" story was about end of life decisions; but it was used by the "right to life" to promote the notion that removing artificial life support is cruel and morally wrong. Fox News was more than happy to aid the pro-lifers in its extensive coverage which included lots of face time for radical, anti-choice priest Fr. Frank Pavone. "Baby Joseph" has died and Fox News can't quit him. In eulogizing the child, "news" anchor Megyn Kelly framed the issue as - wait for it - "right to life." So if Fox News doesn't have a pro-life bias, it's not shown by the content of its shows that do seem to pander to an important right wing constituency.

It's funny. Really. What other "news" network would provide a eulogy for somebody who was the source of some media coverage? The other cable news networks didn't eulogize Troy Davis whose cause was largely ignored by the "right to life" which seems to only worship fetuses and those in persistent vegetative states. And Fox is ready to provide life support (pun intended). In both their media circus outside Terri Schiavo's hospice and the "Baby Joesph" thing, Fox pandered to those right to lifers who wanted to "save" Schiavo and "Baby Joseph." Interestingly, Schiavo was "resurrected" as part of the Fox "Baby Joseph" media marathon. The self promoting Father Frank Pavone was very involved in the "Baby Joseph" affair as well as a player in the Schiavo thing at which time he called Schiavo's husband a murderer. Pavone, who recently said that support for abortion rights is support for terrorism, was frequently seen, on Fox during both "controversies" which Fox News aided and abetted. And as with O'Reilly's jihad against Tiller, the Fox "Baby Joseph" coverage contributed to a climate of hatred which, in this case, included death threats directed towards the Canadian hospital which was caring for the child.

I'm surprised Kelly wasn't wearing black as she looked so somber during her funeral oration. She spoke the truth when she said that the Fox had been following the story "closely." (Ya think!) She immediately provided the shout out to the pro-life zealots in this dramatic statement: "Joseph Maraachli, at the center of an international right to life debate has died." Words matter and Megyn described the "debate" in the emotional terms used by those who saw it as "right to life" issue rather than the more clinical "end of life." She then reported that the story came to Fox's attention when the Canadian hospital "refused to perform a tracheotomy" on the child despite the parent's wishes. Context matters and Kelly did not provide the context that the refusal was based on sound medical advice which prioritized the child's comfort. She referenced how "a Catholic group" took the child to the US. (Interestingly, she didn't name the group as "Priests for Life.) The rest of the segment was a video of the child's father and - are ya ready for it - Fr. Frank Pavone.

Comment: Given that "Baby Joseph" was probably a ratings winner for Fox News, I'm sure he has a very special place in heaven!


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