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Megyn Kelly Defends Homophobia?

Reported by Priscilla - September 30, 2011 -

The Christian right had a collective freak out over the presence of Chaz Bono on "Dancing with the Stars." And given that Fox News is the mouthpiece for the Christian right, it was shocking to hear Fox's Megyn Kelly provide a valiant defense of Bono against the ridiculous and scientifically unsupported claim by Fox's Dr. Keith Ablow that watching Bono would turn kids into transgender wannabes. (The Daily Show's Lewis Black said that watching Keith Ablow could turn you into an asshole!) One wonders if there was a blowback from Fox's fundy fans cuz why else would Megyn Kelly do a complete "180" in what seemed to be defense of those who booed after the question from the gay soldier during the recent Fox GOP debate. Perhaps Dr. Ablow could do a little psych evaluation over what seems to be Megyn Kelly's "split personality." Or was Kelly being "fair & balanced" in her balancing the defense of Chaz Bono with the defense of homophobia. After Kelly's defense of Bono, I thought that Fox was trying some tolerance but it appears that they're back to their same old, same old pandering to their bigoted base.

Kelly started her segment by attacking Joy Behar. She claimed that Behar "went after" the panelists in the Fox debate when Behar asked VP Joe Biden, during his recent appearance on "The View, about the booing which seemed to be directed at the gay soldier - booing that the reality based community was appalled by. Biden, whose son was in the military, said it was reprehensible. Behar remarked that nobody on the panel (which included Kelly) said anything. Well those were fighting words for Kelly. She said that there were only about two boos and proceeded to engage in some fancy rhetorical footwork which called to mind the phrase "distinction without a difference" -

"Were the boos in fact, as Ms. Beharo contends, directed at the gay solider or at his question on the issue of gay rights in the military, which is very controversial? Listen for yourselves. Do they boo when they see that it is a gay soldier or when he makes clear he wants gay rights protected."

Before she played the video, she asked if the booing occurred when the audience saw that it was a gay soldier or when he makes clear he wants gay rights protected. The answer is that the booing occurred after the gay soldier asked if the candidates would "circumvent the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military..." Kelly, who didn't seem to care that booing, for any reason, is crass and inappropriate, said that those attending the debate are "entitled to their point of view" and that it's not the role of the panelists to correct or chastise the audience which, according to Kelly, was "respectful with virtually no exceptions." She added "to have suggested otherwise might have pleased some GOP critics and that would have been inconsistent with the facts."

Comment: Leaving aside the question of whether moderators or participants should respond to booing. Let's talk about this Kelly editorial. The "facts" are that several idiots booed after a question was asked whether the presidential candidates would try to roll back the progress that has been made for gays and lesbians in the military. The neanderthals didn't boo when they saw the soldier because they didn't know, at that moment, that he was gay as he did not disclose his sexuality. The booing occurred when he asked the question about protecting "progress" - in this case, the human right to not be required to hide one's sexuality while fighting for one's country - a right that was afforded to heterosexuals and now includes gays - a right that uber homophobic Rick Santorum wants to take away. Kelly, an attorney, thinks that booing about protecting rights is appropriate? Megyn Kelly describes these "gay rights" as "controversial." That's framing the issue in the terms used by right wing Christian homophobic hate group members, including some who are occasionally interviewed on Fox, who are praying for the rescinding of DADT which would mean that gays would, once again, be relegated to second hand citizenship. It is only "controversial" to those who oppose it; so in describing it as such, Kelly validated the views of those who continue to oppose what is now settled law. And while the majority of the audience was "respectful," there were some who weren't - an inconvenient truth that Ms. Kelly seemed to ignore.

As was said in the Washington Post: "a live audience out there isn’t drawing finesse distinctions about boos. No studio or stadium audience, in fact, has ever exhibited the sort of sophistication that Kelly is imputing to it here. No one, for instance, who has ever booed the Redskins at FedExField later emerged to say, “Hey, I was just booing the decision to go with a cover-two in that situation; I was not booing the personnel who executed it."

In other words, the booers (or boors) were, by booing "controversial" "gay rights," booing the soldier. Either way you cut it, it was pure, unadulterated homophobia. Megyn Kelly's defense of Chaz Bono was fierce. But in defending homophobia, Megyn Kelly is just another blonde Fox Miss Thing!


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