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While Pimping Calista Gingrich's New Book, Steve Doocy Attacks TX Teacher

Reported by Priscilla - September 29, 2011 -

Today's right wing is very unhappy about the history textbooks used in today's public school because, they contend, these texts promote evil librul stuff like Thomas Jefferson being an "enlightenment" figure. (It's true. The Texas Board of Education scrubbed that fact from their curriculum). So as a substitute or supplement to evil, librul education, right wing figures such as Fox's Mike Huckabee are righting their own revisionist histories in which inconvenient truths about things like the treatment of the native population is soft peddled (if peddled at all) in the quest to show that Merka is the most awesome country that Jesus ever created. As the mouthpiece for the faith based, anti-evolution right wing, the Fox & Friends Kurvy, Kouch, Krewe, who've checked their secular school degrees at the door, never waste an opportunity to denigrate librul education. They also love them their Newt Gingrich and are always willing to provide Newt and his third wife some sweet face time for promoting whatever right wing screed they've penned. Tuesday, Callista Gingrich, who truly knows that diamonds are a girl's best friends, pimped her history book for children. In addition to Steve Doocy smearing a Texas school teacher (cue the death threats) without providing the context, there was an elephant impersonator on the curvy couch. It was troubling...;)

"Desiccated old praying mantis" and Roger Ailes' "lackey," Steve Doocy began by referencing data that shows that American students don't know much about history. (And if they live in Texas they'll know even less, but I digress). He said that Calista Gingrich is trying "to change all that" with her new book, "Sweet Land of Liberty." Former Miss America effused over how "great" this book is because it takes kids back into "the idea of learning about our land and our liberty." Ms. Gingrich, sporting three strands of pricey looking pearls, responded that the book takes kids on a journey through America's "pivotal" moments to show America's greatness (Hmmm, do they travel on "the trail of tears?") and "exceptionalism." (Right wing dog whistle blowing loud and clear). Doocy said "I think we need to send your book down to that San Antonio high school where the government teacher called the Tea Party member a Nazi.

Fact Check: During a public forum on education - not in the classroom as Doocy would have you believe - a local teacher asked some Tea Party members about requiring school teachers to report undocumented immigrant students (or illegal aliens as Fox calls them). He asked if the teabaggers support deporting his students. When one of them said "you bet I would, in a heartbeat," the teacher accused him of being a Nazi. The video has gone viral in right wing world. Nice to see that Doocy is doing hius best for the cause. BTW, the teacher has said that he regretted using the epithet but you didn't hear that from Doocy.

Gingrich didn't respond to Doocy and said her book, which is all in rhymes (republican rap?) is "patriotic." After discussing how the schools have been dumbed down and "projects like this" will address this, Gretch got all excited about how Gingrich is moving up in the polls. Kilmeade asked if "Ellis the Elephant" will be supporting Newt. Suggesting that Ginrich, who opposes gay marriage, could be into bestiality, Calista said that although Ellis is non partisan, Newt is "very fond of Ellis." And then, for an added thrill, Newt himself appeared in all his glory to promote this book for those parents who want their kids to "love America." The ending of the segment was all shits and giggles.

Comment: What more can I say except for barf?!


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